Friday, 31 December 2010

Another world is possible: Vision Future - 2011 and beyond

Another world is possible: Vision Future - 2011 and beyond: "I would like to take a break for a moment from the theme we have been exploring in the last month and dream together a vision for the year..."

Vision Future - 2011 and beyond

I would like to take a break for a moment from the theme we have been exploring in the last month and dream together a vision for the year to come.
We have been looking at the ills of the world and why our socio/ economic/ religious system is so corrupt and out of touch with real human needs.

So let us see if we can envision the world we want to live in, and let us feel the inner scape we aspire to create this world from.
How about we start with a world where our unity is inspired by the celebration of our diversity.

A world where a hundred precent of our resources are spent on health, education, art, music upliftment of the disadvantaged and all other positives, that brings smiles to peoples faces.

A world where we gauge are progress by definitions such as GNP (gross national happiness) as opposed to the current GDP (gross domestic product)
At present more than half the world’s annual wealth is spent on defence, which is a very cunny word. In real language, half the world’s money is spent on instruments of war. So we take this money away from hate and we put it into love, Imagine! Really it’s not so hard to do.

Yes, lets imagine all together, a world where renewable energy has replaced the fossil fuel economy.
Where chemical/modern/ terminator seed agriculture has been replaced with working in harmony with the land and producing food of much higher nutritional quality, whilst preserving the health of mama earth, which grows our food. Imagine! Really, it’s not that hard to do.
Lets envision together conflict resolution through dialogue and understanding, rather than threats and war.

 Let us instil love within each other’s hearts and leave fear to a bygone era. Really, it’s not that hard to do.

Yes, it does take our will and intent. So what? Isn’t it better than the illusion of separation, which is leading us down a dark hole of no return.

So let us affirm together, that we are all part of the one circle, even if for a brief moment in time, we might have differing points of view.
Let us join together to bring about the dissolution of these giant transnational companies, whilst handing back the wealth of each nation to benefit its own populace.

Lets support again the family owned store, which greets us with a real smile, and the small farmer whom really cares for the land.
Let us dream a world together, where no one gets left behind. A world where there is enough to satisfy all our needs, rather than our greed.
A world where there is enough to go around for everyone. At present 1% of the population owns 40% of the plants wealth, lets change this and make sure no one has too much or too little.

Let us awake to a new era of freedom, where democracy actually reflects the will of the people, rather than consent manufactured by the privileged few.
Really it isn’t hard to do, once we stop succumbing to the illusion of fear and offer real resistance alongside real solutions; all of us, together.

Let us create together a world where health is not an industry answering to its shareholders, hence healthy humans are not the desired outcome to the balance sheets of the giant pharmaceutical conglomerates. 

Let us create a health system that does not profit from human suffering, rather celebrates human health and well-being.
Let proven natural healing be the mainstream and invasive, expensive so-called modern medicine be the last resort alternative.

Let us create again together, a world where children can identify the marvels of nature, rather than the logos of hundreds of brand names, luring them away from their innocence.
Let us celebrate innocence, magic and owe as a way of life rather than stories to be told in fairy tales.

Let us all know that all of the above is not merely a dream, but a reality that we can and will create together.

Happy New Year to all of you wherever you are. May you forever know, that that you are a star shining in an infinite galaxy. That you and me and all of us are creating the reality we want.

This moment we are all co-creating the future.

So…. What do you think? How do you want to see the next evolutionary step?
Would you be proud to tell the children you did nothing?
Do you dare to dream big, or have you been made to believe you are powerless by the powers that be?

Another World Is Possible

We make it happen

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Who is the real terrorist?!

There is a new apparatus out there, another instrument has been added into the array of tools designed to control us in the he made world.
It’s called the terrorism myth.
 The two most frequently used words in the media these days are economy and terrorism. With time most of us will apprehend the correlation between the two and why the current system of economy needs the terrorism myth to survive.

As we all know, words carry a lot of power and energy with them; so I started first by looking at the dictionary.    
The word terror is defined as extreme fear, dread, horror, fear and trembling, fright, alarm, panic.
 Terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.
Ok, if I work my logic around these definitions, than who has used more violence and intimidation to achieve its political aims in the last 50 years?!
I think the answer is clear to all of us.
The U.S.A alone is responsible for the death of tens millions of people since world war two, all in acts of violence, designed to achieve its desired political aims!!!
So I guess by now we have acetated who is a terrorist.
I am not sure though if I get this right?
The state is allowed to inflict terrorism on other states or individuals, though an individual is not allowed to inflict terror on the state. Doesn’t sounds like fair play to me.   

Of course we will all be better off once all acts of terror and violence are shunned and love and dialogue is embraced as the desired alternative.
We first started to hear the word terrorism buzzing around in the media in the seventies when the PLO was engaged in an armed struggle against the Zionist occupation of its homeland.
Yes, the PLO was engaging in acts of violence, which according to the dictionary could be defined as terror. So was the Jewish state. In fact its acts of violence were much greater than the PLO, though no one ascribed to them the word terrorism.
So what makes one act of violence legitimate and another a terrorist?
For the Palestinian, a PLO fighter is a revolutionary. For the Vietnamese a, Vietcong fighter is a freedom fighter. For the Afghani, the resistance is a battle for the homeland.  For the tribal in the forests of India the Naxal is fighting for the survival of its tribal culture and traditions.   
All of the above are termed by the state as terrorist.
So its seems that it all depends on which side of the fence you are sitting.

The state of course is in closer relationship with the media; hence it uses the myth of terrorism to silence any opposition and dissent.
Now days this terrorism story is used to silence any opposition to the advent of multinational companies, as they conquer more and more territory, in their quest to exercise total control of the land and resourced worldwide.
Anyway, back to the terrorist story. The state is allowed to murder millions, because it feels it has a moral right to do so. An individual cannot blow himself into shreds in an of desperation at the states operation – he has not been sanctioned the moral right to do so by the powers to be.
 One of the most spectacular acts of terrorism was committed on September 11 2001 by the American state.
Now whoever still has doubt the 9/11 was an inside job, is just refusing to look at the facts. There is ample of information out there to dispel any doubt on the subject.
When I was in NYC in the summer of 2007 I went a few times to Union Square to participate in a forum on 9/11.
Some far out extremist didn’t deliver the speeches there; rather, lawyers, architects, engineers, fireman, medic, scientist etc.

All had one conclusion. That it was impossible for these 2 planes to bring down one tower, let alone three!        
So why was it necessary for the state to enact such a despicable act against its people?
Who is really the real terrorist here? In my mind it’s the ones that perpetuate the myth of terrorism, so to advance their agenda and eliminate all open avenues of resistance.
The American state had to enact such a spectacular act against its own people, because its citizenry were starting to wake up.

All over the world people are awakening to the fact that the current system is rotten and needs to be uprooted.
I use the word uprooted, because some may say we can just modify the system. We can’t. It is rotten to its core.
So as an awaking was taken place simultaneously world wide, the state needed a way to silence the opposition. Hence enacting an act of terrorism in order to cower us all to a submission, and make dissent almost impossible.
There is another reason for making us all terrorist - to creating an enemy out of all of us.
The American state relies on its military industrial complex for its survival.
Manufacturing weapons of mass destruction is literally America’s biggest export. Of course they call it defence industries; what a joke.
So it makes sense to make more of us into an enemy. It oils the economy, and makes silencing dissent easier.
As I said in one of my earlier post. Once dissent was considered a sign of a healthy democracy. Now it is seen as a rebellion.
The current state, which can actually be anywhere you live, does not tolerate dissent.        

The current state is ruled by a bunch of transnational companies, which rely on the myth of terrorism for there survival.
These companies have bigger economies then most sovereign nations, and are answerable to no one, apart from there balanced sheets.
So, once I turned my head around this nasty puzzle, I realised that in order to get rid of the terrorism myth, we have to eradicate the economy myth. (Future postings)
So Let us not be fooled anymore by the notion, that it is necessary to curtail our freedoms in order to secure our freedom. This is a contradiction in terms, one that is dished out to us, in order that we accept our diminishing liberties to be.
Another world is possible. A world where we live in harmony, all hands together in a deep embrace.
A world where fear has lost its griping power over the populace and has been replaced by the melody of love and sharing.
A world designed for the welfare of all, rather than a few shareholders playing the casino royal on wall St.
We can and will create this world. The other choice is continuing to live in terror. This is not something any of us want!

Friday, 24 December 2010


A man by the name of Yeshua was born around 2000 years ago in the town of Bethlehem in Palestine.
 Now, it doesn’t really matter if you believe that Jesus/Yeshua is a myth or actually walked this earth in the flesh.
What does matter - is what he stood for.
 It seems that little has changed in the last 2000 years.
The moneylenders and religious leaders back then had the same stranglehold on society as they do today, oh sorry, I forgot, they are now called bankers and priests.
Ironically many of the moneylenders and priests today, claim to be followers of the man we call Jesus.

 So, birthday boy, please tell us, why does it have to be like this? How come we are still in the same mess you tried to get us out off?
 What can we do? 2000 years ago you went into the temple and wrecked havoc with the moneylenders. then you challenged the priests who were then called rabbi's to stop manipulating the people in the name of an unforgiving god.
Well eventually they caught up with you and nailed you on the cross. They didn’t really like dissent back then. They really didn't like truth seekers and truth speakers either. They still don’t!!!
 Now days, when we stand in the way of the moneylenders they call us  terrorists. I suppose they called you a terrorist back then too.

 You challenged the way they exploited the masses and you condemned the kingdoms that conquer and subjugate the weak and vulnerable.
 Not much has changed and the kingdom just has another name.

 All this time has passed; they even formed a religion around you – Jesus the terrorist that opposed the moneylenders, has become the name they swear by, for good and for bad. 
You preached nothing but love, still they killed and maimed in your name more humans than anyone has done in HisStory.
 So what’s happening Jesus? Are they ever going to listen? And who are they anyway? And how come they have so much power over us?

 Is it because we give our power away so willingly? 
 Perhaps you shouldn’t have forgiven us for not standing in the way of the ones  whom crucified you. Maybe we would have learned our lesson faster.
We are still doing the same these days. Or more so, not doing. We are still letting them crucify anyone who stands for truth, simplicity and love? Anyone who walks in life rather than in money?
 So, it’s your birthday today. Is there any advice you can give us how to get us out of this shit.  How to at last release us from the grip of the moneylenders who now have the prestige’s name of bankers. They are slowly and persistently destroying our mama earth and wiping the smiles of the children’s faces.

 Yes I know, I am painting a bit of a bleak picture on your birthday, and so many beautiful things are happening everywhere.  

 Yet they still hold the power and we haven’t managed to unseat them. And if we don’t soon; who knows what will happen?
 So what to do? Continue to celebrate and give thanks while almost half the children in the world go to sleep hungry.
In fact we have more food than we need. It’s just that giving food away, doesn’t figure in the scheme of things with the moneylenders. 
Not sure what to do on your birthday mate.
So much beauty around; so much suffering as well.
 Perhaps I’ll go and feed a hungry child and bring a smile to their face.

 I wish us all a day where we really feel deep into the world around us and find the power, the unimaginable strength that rest within us all.
With this light in our hearts we will make another world possible, thus end the crucifixion

Happy birthday Yeshua

Sunday, 19 December 2010

another world is possible part 1

The other day, one of my readers from Poland has offered me some critique; saying, that I write about the ills of the world, rather than offer a solution.
I thank you kasia for your feedback, and at the same time allow me to explain what the spider is attempting to weave here.
Yes, I am writing about the ills of the world. I am endeavouring to shed light on our so-called modern and democratic order, in order that we define the new dawn we aspire to co create.
I have not focused yet on the alternatives to the current system, for to cure a disease we must first diagnose its cause.
In fact, in understanding the dis-ease, we already initiate the healing process.
This goes for the ills of the world, and our own inner decay, which are totally related to one another.
We must first identify them; where they stem from, and why and how our reality has become so out of balance. Once we see through the veil, we are already way down the track to restoring balance within and without.
I do promise you though, that I will focus in detail on alternatives in a later date.
I have spent many years on both sides of what I call the revolution.
On one hand I stood in front of the bulldozers as they attempted the destruction of ancient forest, on the other I planted trees to create the forest of tomorrow.
Both actions are equally important and relevant to the struggle at hand.
I also know, that when we stood with anger against the destruction, we were less effective than when we stood with love.
So I will continue with this operation of dissecting the apparatus of exploitation, subjugation and separation.
The current material barbarism is disempowering all of us.
The myth of God, Greed and separation is responsible for the current morbid state of humanity at the same time raping our Mama earth into shreds.
First we must acknowledge that, somehow we are all part of this structure, which is wiping out all earths support system in an accelerated rate, and is annihilating dozens of species of life every day of the face of creation.
We are all guilty in one-way or another, for even with our silence, we continue to offer our consent to what is taken place.
Once we understand how the mechanism of destruction is allowed to operate with impunity, we might discover ways to initiate change, thus we are already half way to recreating the Promised Land.
And yes I do promise focus on alternatives.
In 2003 I published together with my colleague a paper for the Tibetan government in exile, titled “Tibetan sustainable Living project, form self reliance in exile to a free Tibet
This paper has a lot of idea’s on how to create sustainable community, through the use of permaculture principals, micro economics, thinking globally and acting locally etc.
The paper was presented to various organisations around the world including the Australian parliament and the UN.
Once I figure out the mechanics (yes, I am relatively computer illiterate) of posting it on the net, I will give you a link to access this information and more).
So yes, the alternatives are out there. The solutions to the current crisis are simple, perhaps too simple. And simple things are not profitable for the corporations ruling our lives. This is why we have wool shed over our eyes, to make us believe, that the solution is complicated. That answers are found in more and more money, being invested in this or that.
We can get our power for free, we can heal disease with ease, we can work less and enjoy more, and we can transcend our differences and live in unity. All these things are possible right now.
Restoring harmony and health are not a profitable agenda. They are the agenda of the future; the other way is just not tenable
We must shift our reference point to the foundation of life. Once we anchor our vision that it’s not about money…. Its about love, the money masters would have lost their power.  Life embraced within principals of truth, simplicity and love will usher in the true era of abundance. 

Thursday, 16 December 2010

welcome to cafe Revolution

Well, one of the hardest things is to write about your self.
I presume some of you would be curious to know, who is this human writing these words, while others will be satisfied with anonymity; content with the knowledge that I am a brother and hopefully a good friend.
Every civilised human interaction does require some form of introduction.
Why am I here? Why am I spending all this time-sharing my thoughts, feelings, and knowledge with you, when there is so many other things I could do.
I do this, because I care.
From the moment I could discern bullshit from truth, I realised that there is something rotten about the world we live in.
That someone is fooling us.
That we are more powerful and beautiful than we are led to believe.
That someone has an agenda to keep us small and divided.
That in diversity rests our beauty.
That with unity, courage, wisdom and love we will restore balance.
That celebration, dance, song and smiles is our birthright, rather than a life of toil in servitude to the money masters in their ivory towers.
So I sit here, late at night, at times night after night, trusting that my words, would act as another catalyst, instrument, songline in our quest for change.
I do believe in change. We really have no other option. We need to change as individuals as a collective.
I do believe in revolution, which is part of evolution.
My elders, especially the custodians from the land down under, shared with me some time ago, that we are heading into the new dreaming.
What does it mean?
That we are co-creators with god, in god as part of God, the birthing of the new dawn, we all aspire to in the depth of our hearts.
Excuse me for using this somehow dirty word ‘god’. For it has been misused so much through His Story. Great spirit, great mystery, the all that is, are probably more accurate descriptions to that that is beyond syntax.
Anyway, back to the reason for this blog; lets say that this blog is my coffee shop. Café’s have always served as hubs for revolutionaries.
So I invite you to my coffee shop, to have a drink of these words and share whatever ideas you have, so together we restore balance and bring the smiles back to all of creation; to all our brothers and sisters in whatever life form they manifest.
This is for the earth and all being
The best is yet to come

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Monocultures of the mind

Monoculture, monotheism, monogamy, we are slowly but surly being shifted into a Mono world.
The origin of the word mono comes from the Greek word ‘monos’, which means alone.
Monoculture - the cultivation of a single crop in a given space.

Monotheism - the doctrine or belief that there is only one God.
Monogamy - that you can love one and one only.
And so it goes on and on the narrowing of the spectrum we live in. Slowly but surly we are encouraged to embraced a Mono world. 
Mono is singular, one tracked, one point of view.
We are told the Promised Land rests, in a mono world, with the one God, one crop, one currency, one tolerated point of view.
Of course, as mono-humans, it is much easier to control and manipulate us, to fit the needs of the major shareholders directing our lives.
Mono is a denial of diversity and therefore a limitation on life.
Monoculture in farming has destroyed diversity, encouraged pests and has handed the corporations total domain of the humanity’s food chain.
Monotheism has destroyed the great party in the heavens., where an array of gods and goddesses had fun. 
Prior to the emergence of monotheism, we worshiped all that is alive. The sun, the moon, the wind, the earth, the sky, the tree, the monkey and the lists as endless. The energy was feminine, seductive and full of trickery. Fun and mystery was encouraged.
Than we handed it over to a one god. A male god, thus the mess we have witnessed in the last 6000 years.
Monogamy means that by decree, not by choice, we must confine our love to the one person. Those who dare share their love and lives with more than one are outlaws.
Mono has become the main theme in our lives. Through the clever manipulation of the media, we have been encouraged to wear the same cloths, cultivate the same looks, think the same thoughts and live the same lives. All in servitude to the money masters ruling the roost.
Diversity is life’s elixir. It is where true sharing and celebration is born.

If you travel widely as I do, you would notice that a certain class (the people with cash) all over the world are starting to look like a mirror image of each other. Same cloths, same foods, same lingo, same aspirations, same thoughts, same shopping mall etc.
Doesn’t matter if you are in India, china, Australia, Europe, Poland, Canada the U.S.A; at times it feels you are just stepping into the same place.
This is what the mono world looks like. 
Designed in the boardrooms of the corporation, it is slowly killing the diversity of culture around the world, if favour of the brave new world.
Now, non of us really want this brave new world, for deep within our cellular resonance we recognise that this is a doorway to spiritual death and cultural annihilation – in favour of the age of the robot. So why are we letting this happen?
When is the last time we made a  conscious  choice not to buy a brand name?
We can reject this Monoculture by freeing our minds. 
Diversity on all levels is the key to our future.  Diversity is where we truly find our unity.
Another world is possible. She is on her way. One of the keys is diversity.