Tuesday, 8 October 2013


A couple of days ago, a friend told me he would not participate anymore in the Anti GMO campaign. He said that it was negative and sowed fear in the hearts of people. He wanted to be more positive and he wanted to go to the root cause of things rather then be involved in a fight.
It wasn’t the first time I heard talk like this and probably it won’t be the last.

It feels like some New Age disease, excuse, or perhaps just some beings being misguided or maybe it is the fear speaking out rather then the understanding.

Was Gandhi negative and sowing more fear into the world when he resisted the British occupation of his country.
Was Dr martin Luther king negative and in fear when he fought the injustice done to African Americans and when he called on his people to resist the war in Vietnam. Actually in his famous speech he said, “A time comes when silence is betrayal.”     

And my friend feels that high moral ground is persevered by keeping mum on the subject.
So, I wonder if my friend thinks that the struggle against GMO and Monsanto is of a different nature, since what is at stake is only the future of humanity.

Are we being negative when we are attempting to save the butterflies and the Bees?
Are we being negative when we are concerned with the well being of future generations and we are willing to stand up and be counted?
Are we adding fear into the world when we are standing up for true democracy, which is food democracy rather then allow a multi national corporation take control of our food for the sake of profit.  

The strange thing is that my friend is an organic farmer – doesn’t he understand that with enough GMO pollen in the air, organic farmers will sooner then later turn into museum exhibits rather then be a thriving reality offering a healthy and sustainable way of living.
We are standing up against the tyranny of the corporations, wishing to manipulate and control all life forms, and the same time we are offering solutions which are holistic, democratic and benefit all rather the elite few.

So perhaps my friend is adding fear to the world by choosing to know but not to act, to be aware and to hide. Perhaps he is talking about his own fear of dealing with the complexities of life, and the fact that at times life does include a struggle and a quest to weed out the injustices in order to create a better future.

If not, why have so many admired Gandhi, Jesus, M L King and many others who stood up to the powers that be in order to offer a better life for future generations.     

Life is in balance at present time. The forces of greed and fear are rising as well as the energy of love and trust.

Another world is possible, though we have to make her happen and staying back at home wishing it would all change without taking and tangible action, isn’t going get us anywhere.

So please my friend, and all of you my friends who have retreated from standing up in the name of positivity. Be honest with yourselves and feel the life around you…and how it’s calling all of you – all of us – to act – right here – right now.

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