Saturday, 17 October 2015


“If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.” One of the mantras of a warrior from another time; comrade Che Guevara. Well, I can probably open a few of my blog articles with this sentence, and it’s not just the injustice, it’s the total hypocrisy and double standards we place on the value of human life, integrity, and freedom.
They say that anger is bad. Well, it can be, and it can be healthy too. And the truth is that I am angry. I am angry when I see how this fascist, racist, Zionist regime continues to occupy and oppress the people of Palestine for so long. Some of them have been under occupation or in exile for 68 years; others have been under brutal occupation for 49 years. It is the longest unresolved conflict in modern history and there is no light at the end of the tunnel for the Palestinians or for the small segment of Israeli society who would actually like to live in peace.
The master demagogue ruling the apartheid state said that the root of the conflict is that Palestinians don’t want Israel to exist. He really has a way with words. The truth is that the root of the conflict is that Israelis don’t want Palestine to exist.
Israel would have never been created if the so-called west did not feel guilty for allowing Hitler to massacre 6 million Jews, not to mention the millions of gypsies and Russians. The gypsies had no one to campaign for them after the war but the Jews did. And so the trade-off was made; we give you Palestine, because a book written 2000 years ago said it was your country and in exchange you try to forget that actually we could have bombed the railroads to Auschwitz, but didn’t because the German war machine, as well as the allies one, was sponsored by the same bankers.
But this is an issue for another day. The issue now is how does each and every one of us finds a way to support the Palestinian people to finally get a homeland, even if it’s just a tiny one compared to the one stolen from them.
The younger generation of Palestinians are rising as David did against Goliath and they are being massacred. Young boys and girls mostly under 18 are attacking heavily armed Israeli soldiers with stones and kitchen knives, merely scratching them, and then being shot dead on the spot. It seems that the new Israeli tactic is to shoot the kids, no matter what age, no matter how small their crime. The new Israeli policy is beyond zero tolerance, its utter brutality; you throw stones at us and we shoot you with the latest most accurate and deadly guns
Now, I am not condoning any act of violence and also innocent Israeli civilians are being hurt. But the problem will not be solved with the theory “ if you hit me, I will hit you ten times harder.” What this will do is only perpetuate a greater cycle of violence. The answer for sure must be to finally address the real issue; that no one wants to live under an occupying force.
Why has Israel not agreed to the two-state solution? It is actually the Palestinians that are compromising and allowing them to live on the land stolen from them, though slowly but surely the cancer called the Israeli settlers is eating away at any viable state that could be called Palestine.
And this is where real despair sets in amongst the young whom were born under occupation and fear they may live and die, never tasting the true feeling of freedom
The media is mostly is branding these young freedom fighters as terrorists. How can you call a young girl in high school, throwing a stone at a heavily armed Israeli soldier a terrorist? How? This is not terrorism - this is pure desperation!!! How would you or I react after living under brutal occupation for so long? How would you or I react if we were born into a ruthless subordination, being humiliated daily and being robbed of one of the most precious human emotions – Hope.
Would we react any different? Or isn’t there a chance that one day some of us would have also lost our minds and grabbed a kitchen knife or stones and ran to the nearest checkpoint of our oppressors to seek revenge or at least a voice.
And let us not forget the young Israelis indoctrinated into fear and war, bred to rule and oppress others. What will become of them? They are also victims of a fanatic ideology of a chosen people granted the holy land as a gift from God.
Violence usually does not solve anything, though we must understand the hopelessness these people are feeling and try to find in what way can we; each one of us support and give a voice to the ones who have lost all hope.
As the so-called free world sanctioned South Africa during apartheid time, and now sanctions Russia and Iran for much lesser crimes, or more so, no crimes at all, it’s time the world community imposes the harshest sanctions on the state of Israel, until it yields and grants the Palestine what was theirs in the first place - some portion of their stolen homeland.
Let us all pray that this cycle of violence is the last one and the Palestinians get their hope restored and get to build their own homeland on some of their ancestral lands.
Another world is possible, a world where Israel and Palestine coexist side by side in peace and harmony.

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Is it worth it? Is it really worth it? All the ups and downs of life. The loves and broken hearts. The quest to make the world a better place, the deep-seated desire for self-transformation. The repeated mistakes and the ones we know that regardless of what we say now, we will repeat again.
The endless toil from day to day to just find a place and a space to just be. At times death seems like the great liberator, but when it knocks at our door, we negotiate another day, another moment, and another experience. And then we ask her to be kind, to take us in a way that is gentle, but transformation is never gentle, its fire! And to be purified, the fire must burn and burn until we turn into ash and again rise from the ashes.
Often when I sit in front of the fire in the forest, there are no more questions or wants or desire. Even the pain, the human agony of just being part of an evolving species, seems to take back seat at that moment. But then an unseen force compels us to be part of the world, part of the movement that churn us and washes us and rinses us until we are purified.
Rebirth is such a sweet word, such a melody full of promise, just that there is one problem standing in the way. How can we ever be reborn without dying? And death is such a trickster, it wants to devour us, annihilate us, make sure we feel the power and cruelty of its embrace, before it allows us to finally rest in peace and resurrect into the promise of a new rebirth. Only an empty vessel can be filled, there is no other way, the garbage must be burned! 

Often we pray to a magician that will award us the rebirth without the death, give us the short cut to nirvana, but in this business there are no shortcuts and Nirvana is just an illusion. Our rebirth, as all moments of resurrection will just take us up another step in the endless ladder, another experience, where at its end the great goddess will come again to test us and enquire if we are ready one more time to be roasted in her flames in order to cross an even wider and more turbulent river standing between us and who we truly are.
How many times do we touch the shadow and not the heart?! So often we rather kill the moment in order to fend off unwelcome change. And what do we really have – only the moment.
Your gaze, your embrace, your love, fuck, when will we wake up to know there is no you or me, there is only us. You did this and that, when in fact there is no you, there is only a mirror standing clear in front of our eyes, day in and day out and if we wish to change what we see, if we wish to change what we get, there is only one place to look, and I am sure we all know where that place is.
So as they say, there are no short cuts to nirvana, but there is a way, as old as the stars, perhaps as ancient as we are, and I suppose that is not that old. We have to make friends with death. We have to welcome her deceitful and divine touch, no matter how painful it is, actually no matter how real it is. For if we die, it truly doesn’t matter, but if we manage to pass through her and be reborn, we add energy to this great lullaby called life on earth

 Another world is possible, for that we must first change the inner world

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Je Suis Charlie

 Je Suis Charlie – I am Charlie, yes I am.  Please don’t misquote me and don’t misinterpret my words. I am Charlie as much as I am every victim of violence and oppression around the world, as much as I am a nameless target of American drone attacks in Afghanistan and Yemen. I am Charlie as much as I am one of the 13 journalists killed by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza some months ago, or a Nigerian massacred by Boko Haram. I am Charlie as much as I am Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.
I am Charlie and I am not a fool. I know beyond any doubt that something else is taken place here. I know as many others do, that the truth about this massacre is yet to emerge and that at the moment what we are told is far away from the truth.
I am Charlie and it makes me sick in the stomach to know that the so called world leaders will gather soon in what they label an anti terrorist summit and take away more of our civil liberties as they have done post 9/11, which by now is clear to all was a false flag operation.
I am Charlie and I am disgusted to see the hypocrisy in this world. How can a master terrorist such as Benjamin Netanyahu march in an anti terror march, with so much Palestinian blood on his hands.
I don’t read French and I never looked at a Charlie Hebdo magazine or cartoons. I have no problem with satire; it is a valid form of expression. Some claim the satire was vulgar – perhaps it was, so what? We all have a right to express ourselves.  I have no problem with fun made of Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Krishna or any past prophet or God. It is healthy to make fun of ourselves and laugh even at our core beliefs.
What doesn’t make me laugh is this new world order who created the animal called terrorism in the first place.
Instilling more fear in people and enacting more draconian laws, which take away our civil liberties is not going to solve the problem; it will only add fuel to the fire already burning.
I have no doubt there is a secret and sinister agenda unfolding, and these attacks were part of it. Someone out there wants to divide us and control us.
This is not the time to buy into fear and intimidation from anyone, anywhere. This is not the moment to go on anti Muslim marches and blame a whole people for something someone has done, when in truth, non of us are clear yet who was behind this story; who really pulled the strings.
This is the time for us all to hold hands together and say enough is enough. We have had enough of this whole system, which creates such deep inequalities between people. A system, which thrives on the poverty of the masses in order to execute its agenda. A system which is a fertile breeding ground for terrorism and extremism on all sides.
The moment has also come to drop all political correctness and to call a spade a spade. The same way we fight the wrongs within the church and work to transform them, we need to expose the wrongs within Islam and any other religion that discriminates against women, people of different sexual orientation, etc.
We must also work to disarm the terrorist in uniform acting on the behest of evil governments and corporations, thus rid the world of most of the perpetrators of violence.
Once people are happy and well fed, when people have a rich culture to celebrate and their minds and hearts are filled with meaning, rather then garbage; we will have no extremist and no terrorist.

Another world is possible, we need to open our eyes, drop our sheep mentality, stop believing the lies we are fed by the main stream media and hold hand together as we create the new world we all want. The time has come – the time is now.