Thursday, 16 December 2010

welcome to cafe Revolution

Well, one of the hardest things is to write about your self.
I presume some of you would be curious to know, who is this human writing these words, while others will be satisfied with anonymity; content with the knowledge that I am a brother and hopefully a good friend.
Every civilised human interaction does require some form of introduction.
Why am I here? Why am I spending all this time-sharing my thoughts, feelings, and knowledge with you, when there is so many other things I could do.
I do this, because I care.
From the moment I could discern bullshit from truth, I realised that there is something rotten about the world we live in.
That someone is fooling us.
That we are more powerful and beautiful than we are led to believe.
That someone has an agenda to keep us small and divided.
That in diversity rests our beauty.
That with unity, courage, wisdom and love we will restore balance.
That celebration, dance, song and smiles is our birthright, rather than a life of toil in servitude to the money masters in their ivory towers.
So I sit here, late at night, at times night after night, trusting that my words, would act as another catalyst, instrument, songline in our quest for change.
I do believe in change. We really have no other option. We need to change as individuals as a collective.
I do believe in revolution, which is part of evolution.
My elders, especially the custodians from the land down under, shared with me some time ago, that we are heading into the new dreaming.
What does it mean?
That we are co-creators with god, in god as part of God, the birthing of the new dawn, we all aspire to in the depth of our hearts.
Excuse me for using this somehow dirty word ‘god’. For it has been misused so much through His Story. Great spirit, great mystery, the all that is, are probably more accurate descriptions to that that is beyond syntax.
Anyway, back to the reason for this blog; lets say that this blog is my coffee shop. Café’s have always served as hubs for revolutionaries.
So I invite you to my coffee shop, to have a drink of these words and share whatever ideas you have, so together we restore balance and bring the smiles back to all of creation; to all our brothers and sisters in whatever life form they manifest.
This is for the earth and all being
The best is yet to come

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