Friday, 24 December 2010


A man by the name of Yeshua was born around 2000 years ago in the town of Bethlehem in Palestine.
 Now, it doesn’t really matter if you believe that Jesus/Yeshua is a myth or actually walked this earth in the flesh.
What does matter - is what he stood for.
 It seems that little has changed in the last 2000 years.
The moneylenders and religious leaders back then had the same stranglehold on society as they do today, oh sorry, I forgot, they are now called bankers and priests.
Ironically many of the moneylenders and priests today, claim to be followers of the man we call Jesus.

 So, birthday boy, please tell us, why does it have to be like this? How come we are still in the same mess you tried to get us out off?
 What can we do? 2000 years ago you went into the temple and wrecked havoc with the moneylenders. then you challenged the priests who were then called rabbi's to stop manipulating the people in the name of an unforgiving god.
Well eventually they caught up with you and nailed you on the cross. They didn’t really like dissent back then. They really didn't like truth seekers and truth speakers either. They still don’t!!!
 Now days, when we stand in the way of the moneylenders they call us  terrorists. I suppose they called you a terrorist back then too.

 You challenged the way they exploited the masses and you condemned the kingdoms that conquer and subjugate the weak and vulnerable.
 Not much has changed and the kingdom just has another name.

 All this time has passed; they even formed a religion around you – Jesus the terrorist that opposed the moneylenders, has become the name they swear by, for good and for bad. 
You preached nothing but love, still they killed and maimed in your name more humans than anyone has done in HisStory.
 So what’s happening Jesus? Are they ever going to listen? And who are they anyway? And how come they have so much power over us?

 Is it because we give our power away so willingly? 
 Perhaps you shouldn’t have forgiven us for not standing in the way of the ones  whom crucified you. Maybe we would have learned our lesson faster.
We are still doing the same these days. Or more so, not doing. We are still letting them crucify anyone who stands for truth, simplicity and love? Anyone who walks in life rather than in money?
 So, it’s your birthday today. Is there any advice you can give us how to get us out of this shit.  How to at last release us from the grip of the moneylenders who now have the prestige’s name of bankers. They are slowly and persistently destroying our mama earth and wiping the smiles of the children’s faces.

 Yes I know, I am painting a bit of a bleak picture on your birthday, and so many beautiful things are happening everywhere.  

 Yet they still hold the power and we haven’t managed to unseat them. And if we don’t soon; who knows what will happen?
 So what to do? Continue to celebrate and give thanks while almost half the children in the world go to sleep hungry.
In fact we have more food than we need. It’s just that giving food away, doesn’t figure in the scheme of things with the moneylenders. 
Not sure what to do on your birthday mate.
So much beauty around; so much suffering as well.
 Perhaps I’ll go and feed a hungry child and bring a smile to their face.

 I wish us all a day where we really feel deep into the world around us and find the power, the unimaginable strength that rest within us all.
With this light in our hearts we will make another world possible, thus end the crucifixion

Happy birthday Yeshua

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