Sunday, 14 February 2016


Somewhere in the infinite space of nowhere, stands a heart embedded in a soul with a borrowed body. A heart that has given and taken. That has sawed and reaped. Created and destroyed. Laughed and cried, rejoiced and despaired.
At times that heart asks itself, does it have a right to go through these myriads of emotions and experiences, while children are washed ashore dead and go hungry every day because the powers that be just don’t care. While there is so much hopelessness and cruelty, when often such deep injustice wins the day and the meek that were supposed to be blessed are so habitually cursed, can we really rejoice?
The heart is a sensitive one, it is not clear to it if it truly has a right to celebrate life while so many are suffering. If everything is truly connected, then isn’t the celebration half-hearted when the all-prevailing oneness is tainted with so much blood and tears.
Often a sense of guilt finds its way to the gentle heart and says to it that celebration is wrong while the mother and so many of her children are hurting.
Are we more than a heart? Are we the one heart, the one love? So many questions, so few answers.
Yet the soul is eternal, and she knows that our deepest most profound resistance to the forces of evil is to wake up every morning and make it our duty to celebrate life. The more we celebrate life, the more life celebrates itself.
Though the celebration has to be deep and profound, not the fleeting smiles of habitual partygoers. The joyfulness needs to embody within it a mode of action, an active resistance to the shit and lies that we are constantly bombarded with. Thus with a broad smile, we push aside the dark force seeking to dominate life on earth and instil and spread the ideas of love and sharing and caring for all.
It's like giving the finger and saying ‘fuck you bastards’ with a broad smile on our faces, knowing that no one can occupy our minds with their bullshit.  The clarity of our inspiration comes from the fact that we have answers, and solutions and ways that will bring us all together in harmony, that we have a vision that is cleat, strong and forward moving.
I once heard a tale of a light that continuously shine in the dark, and that it will always come and touch us and the only thing we need to do is leave the door open to her.
Another world is possible, a world within and a world without, and it’s us that make her alive, moment-to-moment  - one act, one step at a time.