Friday, 30 December 2011

Café Revolution –Another world is possible: 2012... a leap into the unknown....

Café Revolution –Another world is possible: 2012... a leap into the unknown....: So…the time is at last upon us – the bells are ringing, announcing the arrival of the year 2012. It’s a new year folks…is there anything mo...

2012... a leap into the unknown....

So…the time is at last upon us – the bells are ringing, announcing the arrival of the year 2012.
It’s a new year folks…is there anything more to it? Or is it just another new year like so many we had before.               
Well, to answer this question we do have to look back to the guidance and insight shared by our ancestors.
Many ancient cultures have indicated through their prophecies and precise mathematical calculations that this year will be a time of great change.
A time of death and rebirth, a time of great upheaval, an era of letting go of the old and embracing the new.
So… is the world going to end?  Of course not, and nothing anyway ever ends, it just transforms, takes new forms, sheds old skins and embraces a new energy field.
Yet hopefully we do chuck out some of our bad habits in the rubbish bin and send them down the incinerator.  Habits like our bullshit way of life. The way we relate to the planet and the way we relate to each other.

At the end of the day when a phoenix rises from the ashes, it’s up to her where she spreads her wings and flies to, and 2012 and beyond will be, what we as a  collective affirm it to be.             
I am not saying no other forces are at play here…there are and they are felt by the many already.

We will experience more than a mild jolt… we have to!!! We have been in a state of denial for to long now, so we will receive the assistance we need in order that we accept that it’s time to change. However, how the change will look like is up to us… it is our dream and vision that we must awaken for the birthing of a new dawn.

So, what is it that we want to be done with?
Well, our economic system of greed and exploitation must go, for it is responsible for so much misery.
 It is the cause that every living system on the planet is in a state of decline.
It is the cause that we see so much hunger and depravation in the world.
It is the cause that a few have so much while so many others have nothing.
It is the cause that hundreds of millions of children go to sleep every day crying with hunger.
It is the cause why we fight wars for oil.
It is the cause why we have stopped teaching the children how to live and we teach them how to consume. 

Commodities have become the main symbols of culture rather than art and creativity, love and laughter.
We must learn to love life again rather than be in love with THINGS.
We must replace the love for power with the power of love.
Something fundamental has to change in our relationship to the world around us! We are not here to conquer the planet and all life on it… we are here to share this precious earth with all our relations and to make sure that many generations from now, this place is a flowering garden rather than a waste land, torn apart by our greed and lack of imagination.  

Regardless if you believe in ancient prophecies or not, I am sure all of us feel something is going to give soon. The chain is about to snap and we are bound to pass through a period of chaos.
 Darkness is the womb that propels the new seed to send its energy into the light. Each rebirth rises from the dead. So whatever happens, we must understand and embrace it as a step towards the breaking of the new dawn, where we at last choose to embrace who we truly are – particles of god co-creating a beautiful future for all living beings anywhere, wherever they may be, and everything in this universe is alive.

Another world is possible – really, we have no other choice.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Occupy to Liberate

So…there is smell of revolution in the air, or at least the first signs that people have had enough of being dominating and manipulated and are willing to rise up and make their voices heard.          

What started some weeks ago as ‘occupy wall street’ has now spread to almost every city around the world.
At last people are starting to voice their frustration at being taken for a ride, at being given a tiny slice of the pie while a small minority is eating all the cake, hence the slogan we are the 99 precent.
Some of us are even seeing that the whole system of sharing the cake is rotten and needs to be replaced by a new way when it comes to harnessing and trading the earths rich’s.
Few of us can recognise that perhaps we have taken an utterly distorted view of what life on earth has to offer us.
Two opposing forces are at play at the moment. The force of greed and domination and the force of love and sharing, thus we must make our voices heard and stop sitting on the fence. The force that sings with heart and fearlessness will win the day.       
Some vey dangerous developments occurred in the last few days and all of us must be very alarmed by the latest trend.
Both in Greece and in Italy the elected prime minister has been replaced by non-elected technocrats…and yes off course - economist. Ok, I am sure you can see what I am getting to here. The bankers are upping the stakes in their quest to rule the world.
Off course the whole current economic crisis is off their making, in order to rob us of more of our basic human rights, force governments who have not done so up to now, to sell the last of their public assets such as water to the ‘private sector’ and strip the people of the little support they were still receiving from the governments.
Actually what we are witnessing is a very clever media campaigned to convince us, that we must go further down the road that has led us to this mess, in order to clear it up.
Again they tell us that our rights and freedoms must be curtailed in order for the economy to survive. Ha! What a joke, and what is this thing we call ‘the economy’ if not just the playground of the corporations.
This whole mess is about banks, hedge funds, investment houses; actually in more simpler terms – gamblers who gambled on the wrong cards and now are making us all pay the price while off course they get pay rises.
We must expose them and bring on the change we want to see. We must start to articulate this change and envision it in our hearts and minds.

There is one issue though, one important point which feels very sticky to me. What’s in a word??? Well, we all know how much energy words hold, so why ‘Occupy’?
Somehow this word ‘Occupy” doesn’t gel so well with me when I envision my future. It feels aggressive, dominating and intolerant, and seems to be borrowed from the world we wish to leave behind.
And to be honest I don’t want to ‘occupy’ Wall Street or anywhere else for this matter. I would rather ‘liberate’ wall St. from its illusion and pain. I would rather release, free, unshackle the world rather then ‘occupy it’.
At the same time it is our moral duty, all of us, to support the emerging ‘occupy’ movement. We must carry the momentum and turn the thousands into millions until we all sing the song of hope together.
And like any movement, let it be a dynamic force that is open to change and evolution…so yes…let us liberate the world from its current bullshit, which is really starting to smell bad from all the lies and deceit we are fed…. and replace it with a world of sharing and love.
Another world is possible…she is on her way…and she is smiling already.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Redefining Resistance

For many, especially the ones on a so-called spiritual path, resistance is a word with negative connotations attached to it.  
In 1967 Martin Luther King Jr delivered a speech at riverside church in New York City. I do recommend downloading this speech from the net and listening to it. Although spoken forty-four years ago, it seems that little has changed in the world since then. Perhaps a few of the names and places had though nothing else.
 The main theme in this speech was that  “a time comes when silence is betrayal”.

Now, no one can accuse Mr king for not being a spiritual man. Yet a moment came in his life when he recognised, that to just stay focused on a so called spiritual path, without undertaking action in the world, means; betraying the circle of life.       
So how can any of us remain silent, while the flag carriers of material barbarism continue to pillage the earth! 

What are we doing when they keep on waging wars in the names of freedom, when we know that they are fighting wars for profit.
What are we doing when the spectrum of thought and action in our lives is daily narrowed to a tinier bandwidth.
Are we saying anything, are we doing anything? Or are we doing what we do best – which is nothing.
Are we cultivating a responsibility to life, society and the earth, or have we lost our ability to respond with right action.
I called this post  ‘redefining resistance’ because whatever we have done up to now, the little that we did do, just hasn’t worked.

In recent times we marched against a war and the war still happened.
We have blockaded the logging of forests and forests worldwide are still being cut. Forest that hold the balance of life within their life-giving spectrum.
We have protested the WTO and G8 etc., and they are becoming more and powerful by the day.  
In fact we are ruled now by corporations rather than by governments.
I hope that we are all aware, that governments worldwide are enacting laws to prevent us from growing medicinal herbs in our gardens, this on the behest of the giant pharmaceutical companies.
And the list goes on.
So something in our resistance hasn’t worked, or perhaps we have been scared or unwilling to stage some real resistance.
At these very weeks the Arab world is rising,; sick of the dictatorships and dynasties that have ruled it for decades. The west seems to support the uprising (offcourse, if there is a uprising in Saudi Arabia, no one will support it – oil my friend).
How about we carry the momentum into our own countries; the so-called beacons of democracy and watch how our governments react when we demand that they hand back the reins of power to the people. 
It’s time we stopped the world around us, and told our leaders that we don’t want and will not be ruled by the corporate masters anymore.

That we don’t want to be bred and programed to be human consumers - we want to be human beings.
That we want our human rights back! One of them is the right to choose how we want to live our lives.
That we are sick of being told lies, that GMO food is good for us, that poisoners medicine is good for us, that fluoride in water is good for us, that a share market barbarian economy is good for us.
We need to reclaim the streets, as our brethren are starting to do in some countries. 
We need to bring their world to a halt and tell them know of the world we want.
We need to stop cooperating with their system, a way that is exploiting all of us and we need to do it NOW.
We used to go and march for two hours and go home. Now we may have to take the streets for months and only go home when we see the change that all of desire to see.
A world that is fair. A world that is based on principals of sharing, rather than values of greed.
A world where we care for each other, and no one is left behind.
A world with no giant corporations – a world with endless cooperation.
Another world is possible, we can and we will.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Earth in Transformation


At present we are witnessing a process that has been envisioned by most indigenous cultures since long ago.
The earth is attempting to shake off her back, the most poisonous parasite to have ever inhabited her – we human beings. 
Any of us who have bothered to connect with earth cultures and listen to their myth and stories, have been aware for some time of the coming of the age of renewal, which is upon us now.

In fact much of what we attribute to myth and culture was based on precise scientific calculations, ones that we are still incapable of executing with all our advanced modern paraphernalia.      
The earthquake and tsunami in Japan are just more events, designed to rattle us into a space of being really present with life. 
We are way beyond a wake up call at this stage. We are in it, and whoever wants to live in denial of what is anymore, will just have to bear to consequence.
So what do we do now? Do we sit and wait and do nothing, because anyway it’s going to happen?!
Some years ago I joined Sunderlal Bahuguna, a noted Indian Environmentalist in a fast against the building of the Tehri dam.
I remember asking him why he was taking this action, when it was clear by than that the construction of the dam would proceed.
“This is not for me or the dam anymore. This is so future generations will see that someone did care. This is not for the result, this is for the sake of undertaking right action; action rooted in truth and understanding.” He said.

So... the earth changes will happen regardless of what we do anymore 
We have a choice though; we can sit and do what we do best – which is nothing, or we can cultivate our ability to respond from the depths of truth and connectivity and shine the light for the rebirth and renewal of life on earth.
Gone are the times where colourful weekend marches and some light pseudo spiritual fluff are going to affect any change.
It’s hand on deck time; be it our action in the world, be it our self-transformation into beings that abide in all spaces and in all dimensions.
As far as I see it, the key word is trust – trusting that we are supported and one with the Great Spirit – thus holding and sharing the power of the one love.
Another world is possible; in fact she is being birthed at this very moment.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Scam

The cost of a kilo of onions in India now, is more than the daily wage of two thirds of its population.

India is now considered an economic miracle, while two thirds of its population earns less than two dollars a day.  

India is called an economic super power while half its children are malnourished and go to sleep hungry.

India is promoted as a place with friendly investment environment while half the population does not have access to a toilet and other basic amenities.

We are using India as an example at the moment, though it could be anywhere in the world.

Welcome to the ugly face of the brave new world, where the economy myth reigns supreme. Welcome to the brave new world championing the economy myth

As we mentioned in one of the recent postings (the terrorism myth), the two most used words in the media these days, are economy and terrorism.

In fact these two are very closely related. We are being terrorised through the economy and if we offer any resistance to the current economic model we are terrorised by the powers to be.

We have become slaves to the masters in the executive boardrooms of the corporations.

It is very strange this economy story. In most countries where the economy is booming, people are struggling. This is a fact!

Offcourse, a fact never shared by the corporate media feeding our minds.
So if people have less when the economy is booming, obviously, this thing called economy wasn’t really designed to benefit the people.

Let us look for a moment whom benefits when the economy is booming - Shareholders – big shareholders, (in real terms – bankers) and corporations. Which are actually one and the same.

Strangely enough, when the economy is struggling, things are easier for the common folk. Homes are cheaper, food is cheaper, while opportunities still abound.

So they created this myth that the economy is related to you and me and all of us - that we ought to care for the health of the economy. It’s a very clever myth conveyed to us by a media, which is owned by the same elite who created this myth and is ripping all of us off.

When I was in school, you never heard the word economy buzzing around, unless offcourse you were an economist.
Back then people still used terms as society to describe the social order we live in.
Now we don’t live in a society any more. We live in an economy!

At least that’s what they would like us to believe.

Ok, we are not going to go into things such as the debt base monetary system etc.  Lets leave this for future postings. What we do want to get into is why the top one percent of the planet’s population earns as much as the bottom fifty seven percent. Why do we allow this to happen? Are we all so cleverly manipulated?
To me it sounds like utter insanity, and by no means am I a Marxist/ Leninist dreaming of the old communist order.

It just doesn’t sound fair. It smells of exploitation, lies and deceit; other wise, no one in their right mind would accept such disparity.
So what is wrong with the current concept of economy?

First and foremost is the fact that giant transnational companies are in charge and call the shots. They are accountable to no one apart from their balance sheets. These companies operate with impunity across borders and in reality are subject to no rules or laws, apart from the one’s they make.

51 of the 100 biggest economies in the world are corporation and not sovereign countries.

Do you understand what we are getting to? These corporations have stifled all real completion in the ‘market place’ and control the movement of goods and services across the planet.

We are way beyond capitalism now. The cunning word globalisation has put us under the totalitarian rule of the corporations.

The masses all over the world are struggling because of the current system of economy. While few, very few are laughing all the way to the bank.
 Any sign of dissent against the economy is crushed brutally by all means possible.

So, how do we change this, How do we disempower the corporations and take charge of our lives again?

Local – local - local.

Think globally act locally. This is not just a slogan; it’s a roadmap for transformation.

Wherever you are support the local community. Buy local, support local, participate in local and empower each other to be the real decision makers, charting the lives we wish to live.

Another world is possible – we make it happen

(More to come on this subject))

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Great Flood


So reality has beaten me to my story. I have just completed writing a novel set in a great flood while Queensland is experiencing floods of ‘biblical proportions’
I watched the saga unfold through the media, as I am far away from home at present.

It was heartening to see the sense of humanity and comradeship disaster brings out in people.

It is though, for a brief moment, we get in touch with our primal roots and identify what is really important – a sense of community and our love and care for each other.

Less heartening was to observe how much coverage was given to the economic loss from the flood - the loses to the mining companies, the growth in GDP etc…
Just gibberish, rubbish, illusion designed to again disempower us, lest for a moment we attune to the power that rests in unity.

The other issue that stands out is a lack of responsibility taken by the authorities for this massive flood. The blame has been pointed squarely at nature, as though we had nothing to do with it.

From 1968 to 1987 Queensland was ruled by a right wing, fascist,  named 'Joh Bjelke-Petersen.' It was a time when even the white rulers of South Africa were jealous of the perfect apartheid exercised in Queensland. He was so admired for his white supremacist christen ideology, that he was even knighted by the queen of England.

A corner stone of this ideology is the premise that man is the supreme ruler of the earth. Thus He exercises total domain over her, exploits her and uses her as a resource to advance His agenda.

Of course what you do the great mama, you do to all mothers.

Anyway, back to the flood and its causes. During the years of Joh’s regime and before hand, Queensland has been clear felled systematically, in order to make way, for farms, beef grazing, mining etc.
No country in the world has experienced such earth carnage as Australia. In fact the environmental degradation we enacted in Australia in 200 years, took Europe a few thousand and western Asia almost ten thousand years.

We were in a hurry; we wanted to act fast, to rid the land of its native primal look - so to make it in the image of ‘mother England’.

We cleared the native people and we cleared the native flora and fauna.

Now, every kid knows that deforestation causes floods. Here are a few reasons…

      Some rainwater stays on the leaves, and it may evaporate directly to the air (the more water used in the watershed, the less remains to run off).

      Leaves reduce raindrop impact, and gentler rain causes less erosion.

      Tree roots absorb water from the soil, making the soil drier and able to store more rainwater.

      Tree roots hold the soil in place, reducing the movement of sediment that can shrink river channels downstream.

      In short, the trees actually regulate the absorption and movement of water. With no trees left… the water is left to fend for itself and runs riot.

So once the clean up is over and we get back to our ‘normal’ lives, wouldn’t it be nice to start a massive reforestation drive in order to return the trees to the land.

I suspect the government would be talking nonsense again, money, economy etc.; building higher flood levies and waiting for nature to retaliate again.

Lets tell them it’s not what we want.

We want the trees back!

Another world is possible… lets plant more trees and stop cutting the few that remain.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Creating new Myths – while discarding the old ones


So, at last we have greeted the New Year and have ventured into the 2011 story.
Australia is experiencing its worse floods ever, Europe is under a blanket of snow like never before, in south India they are sleeping under 3 blankets, where cold has never been experienced and in America tornado’s are appearing out of season.

Despite all this, many out there in the corridors of power claim that nothing is out of balance with the systems governing the cycles of Mama earth.
Forget the word Global warming - some of us are freezing.
How about global meltdown?

We have held such little respect for the health of our Mama for so long, that now she is just convulsing. Perhaps she is trying to rid herself of this parasite that has been leeching her life force for so long.
This parasite that calls HimSelf , human being though in reality has long lost touch with the essence of his being.

So we celebrated and danced and welcomed the New Year, while half the children in the world went to sleep hungry. Some of us even spared a thought for the less fortunate, though most of us did nothing and will continue to do the same.

On the news they keep on babbling how the floods, and snow, and other weather chaos would affect the health of the economy, the GDP and growth.

Fuck this insanity!!! What are they talking about? Can’t anyone talk about real things for a moment?
Like, how, we as a people are affecting the planet, and how we as a people can affect positive change - change that has nothing to do with words such as economy, terrorism, GDP, IMF, WTO and other dirty words, designed to distract us from the issues at hand and the moment that IS.

What if each one of us let go of, a few of the gadgets cluttering our lives and brains. Would we be less happy? Will our connection with the life around us; the people surrounding us somehow diminish, or perhaps be enhanced.

Where is our true meeting point with life? And why have we come to accept some mediocre consensus to what our lives are meant to be.

Our brains are shattered by an overload of meaningless information that is utterly irrelevant to our walk on planet earth.

We have been led to believe in the myth of terrorism, the myth of economy, the myth of separation, whilst at the same time we have forgotten the true myths; the ones aligned with the earth Mama and all our relations.

So how about we affirm to connect with the myths of magic, wonder and awe. Wouldn’t myths such as these serve our lives and the purpose we attach to them, in a more meaningful way?

Another world is possible. We have to dream a new parable to life on earth.  Its all what it takes. Change the dream, the reference point, the story we are sharing with each other and life will co – create with us the coming of a dawn full of smiles.