Thursday, 25 September 2014

Climate change – System change

Again climate change is on the agenda. Almost half a million people marched in New York and folk from all walks of life are making their voices heard; be it aging rock stars, indigenous elders, renegade politicians and sons and daughters of desist leaders. And of course you and me, the anonymous ones; the ones that don’t really count in this equation. Though this is the big mistake, we might not make the headlines, but at the end of the day, it will be up to you and me to make this change happen.
I am happy they are calling it climate change and not global warming, there is something more real about this statement since we really don’t know where it will all go.
I am unhappy they are addressing climate change; caused by fossil fuel emissions as the reason for the disease, rather than acknowledge that this is just another symptom of the sickness infecting every facet of the lives we live.
I really don’t want to sound negative or to make any of you feel there is no hope, but really; how can anyone be such a fool to think that we can fix the pollution affecting climate change, caused by a fossils fuel based economy without going to the core of it.                                                                      

And the truth is, that we will never be able to address this story as long as our economic narrative is guided and dominated by a bunch of megalomaniac lunatics sitting of the helm of the giant corporation ruling the world and setting the agenda.
So as long as the corporate globalisations story is the tale we believe in and follow, then forget about any meaningful change to the conditions accelerating the rise in global temperature, because this is not in the interest of the money masters. The oil and coal companies will continue to champion non-renewable energy because this is how they make big money.
Why do you think BP and Shell bought so many stakes in solar energy for instance- to slow the process of course and maintain a high cost to a technology that by now should have evolved to be cheaper and more efficient.  And this is not only about oil companies. Forty percent of all greenhouse gasses come from corporate driven agriculture. So, as long as companies such as Monsanto are handed the responsibility for the future of our food, how can we imagine a solution to climate change.

The corporations are pretending to be green and concerned and are pouring billions of dollars into public relation campaigns to shed wool over our eyes, and are telling us lies about job losses etc. First, there are no jobs on a dead planet, and on a healthy planet, there are more jobs, that are less centralised in the hands of the corporate ladder. And this is possible if we go the way of renewable energy, and even better, free and unlimited energy.
This is not going to happen by following examples like that clown Al Gore who made us all change our light bulbs to so called energy efficient ones which are actually toxic and affect our energy field while lowering our vibration levels when using them
So, in reality asking for action on climate change is naïve, as long as the extreme capitalist agenda is the one we are following and participating in. We need a system change and then naturally the greedy corporate forces will stop charting the human agenda and logically we will shift to natural and sensible solutions. Ones that have been available for a long time, but have been blocked and suppressed because they support people and environment before profits.
Please, do not believe anything that will come from another summit and another summit and more talk and bla bla. It is absolutely not possible to address this issue as something separate from our banking system for instance or our corrupt political system or the way we live our lives as consumers rather as users of commodities.
Radical change is needed here and a painful surgery to address the way we have been walking on planet earth. as though we have unlimited planets to exploit, use and throw away. The earth is our mother, not a resource or the open mine of the corporations.
So lets campaign for system change and all else will follow. Once we have a system that cares for people and earth before profits, naturally the whole issue of fossil fuel economy would be discarded as yesterday’s news and a new paradigm will emerge. A way of life that nurtures everyone and looks seven generations ahead as many indigenous people do when they think about the consequences of their actions.

Another world is possible, but we have to be serious about it and stop going from one stopgap measure to another. Together we can make it happen.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Don’t you know – we’re talking about a ReVolution

So my friends, lets start with a few simple facts:

-             In the last 60 years we have changed the face of mama earth more then we have done in the previous 20,000 years.

-             The top 1 precent of the population earn the combined wealth of the bottom 60 precent.

-             Humans are slowly taking possession of all habitats, leaving no space of living to all other creatures that share this wonderful planet.

-             ¾ of our crop variety have been wiped out in the last 100 years

-             Old growth forest provide habitat for ¾ of all species on earth. These forests provide the oxygen that we breathe, the medicines that our bodies can recognise and much more. In a rapid rate we are turning these forests into toilet paper, beef and soy been plantations.

-          More then 1 billion people have no accesses to anything that resembles clean drinking water and go to sleep hungry every day.

-          Our health has been hijacked by the medical corporate industry, suppressing real cures that don’t generate profit, while keeping us ill in order to fill coffers of the medical giants.

-             Human rights, labour rights, free health and education, are all disappearing, while our governments have become the mouthpiece and the servants of their corporate masters.

 So is it time for revolution?  fuck yeh!

     We are overdue for one. Though this is a different revolution. This one is not about taking up arms and overthrowing a government, while replacing it with another set of megalomaniacs.
No – no way. We are sick of being fooled and we are tired of being taken for a ride.
     This revolution is about truly handing back power to the people. This is about total decentralisation of power, money and decision-making.
     This is about taking care of mama earth and taking care of each other. It’s about telling the truth and waking in truth.
     And the truth is; that we won’t have any earth to live on if we continue to exploit her in this way.
     The reality is that the people will eventually rise up in anger, if the top 1-precent continues to hog all the resources while others go hungry.
     The truth is that we can share the planet with all creature; big and small and our future well being is intimately related to all life.
     The truth is that we can grow food in natural and sustainable means without poisons or genetic manipulation.
     The truth is that there is enough on this bountiful earth to meet everyone’s need as long as greed does not raise his ugly face.

     A time comes when silence is a sin.

     A time comes when inaction is betrayal.

     Another world is possible. It’s up to you and me to co create her, step by step, with love, intent, determination and courage.

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