Saturday, 29 July 2017


The world is a mess and we keep on talking about meaningless things such as climate change and terrorism.
Climate change has always happened and will always happen, and yes we are polluting our planet with regressive and dirty forms of energy and we need to change.
And Terrorism is a sad and sick story.. We train them and finance them and then we call them enemy. We invade and destroy countries and get surprised when there is a reaction. More people die from accidental gun shots, let alone gun crimes than terrorism, but this tool is an effective one to erode all our civil liberties, privacy and rights to dissent,
So while the MSM is setting the agenda of where our focus goes, the elite continue quietly to advance their evil schemes for control of humanity…
And few of the glaring examples are:
Artificial intelligence that will make humans a disposable commodity.
A cashless economy where each and every transaction we make is controlled and surveyed and of course charged.
Genetically engineered humans are a few minutes away from becoming reality, thus paving the way for super humans that will control the slaves. US Scientists have already made a Genetically Modified Human Embryo
Mandatory vaccinations and to those who dissent geo engineering is brought to the fore with spraying us with the immunisations we refuse to take or give our children.
GMO crops that continue to grow and infiltrate are food, thus handling all the future food supplies to three giant conglomerates.
Medicine is in the hands of big corporations while real cures and natural healing is being criminalised and suppressed.
And the list goes on and on, though who is to blame here? Of course, we are to blame, since our silence is our consent.
And why is this happening? Is it because we react rather then act? We allow the powers that be to set the agenda while we react to it and give all our focus and energy to what they want us to focus on!!!
Why is it that we never hear the so called alternative and green political parties talk about GMO’s, which is a much more important and critical issue then climate change? An issue of corporate control vs. an issue of the natural movement of nature even if it assisted a bit by human stupidity. So why? Because we are acting just on the script they write for us, and its time we write the script ourselves. And all political parties, be it right, left or centre, ref or green, care for one thing only – keeping their fat bums on the elected seat.
Sadly it feels that the survival mechanism of many is to dig their heads in the sand and pretend nothing is happening. This may suffice and work for a short time, though if we live by the indigenous decree that our responsibilities are always for seven generation to come, then we are pure criminals.
So if we are to care for the earth and care for each other, we need to set an agenda and fight for it with our heart, sweat and tears. With our song and dance. With our action and our commitment.
And our agenda must be a clean/unpolluted planet to live on.
A free society working from the bottom up, with grass roots democracy and local governance.
A fair place for humans non-humans alike were everyone has a right to live and exist in dignity.
A food that is grown in a natural and healthy means that ensures a healthy water and soil for generations to come.
Healing through whatever means we choose to.
Breaking up all corporations, conglomerates and transnational financial institutions.
Ensuring that advances in technology are for the benefit of the masses, while keeping the integrity of the human spirit intact.
Cancelling all national debt and making colonial powers pay for their past robberies of the land they ruled.
Doing away with the Federal Reserve System and stock markets and replacing it with an honest and straightforward mechanism for trade and exchange.
With wealth and resources distributed fairly every child in this world will have food, shelter and real education.

This is our choice. We cannot blame anyone. They set the agenda and we continue to react, or we set the agenda and pour our heart into it, making the vision of another world a reality.