Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Je Suis Charlie

 Je Suis Charlie – I am Charlie, yes I am.  Please don’t misquote me and don’t misinterpret my words. I am Charlie as much as I am every victim of violence and oppression around the world, as much as I am a nameless target of American drone attacks in Afghanistan and Yemen. I am Charlie as much as I am one of the 13 journalists killed by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza some months ago, or a Nigerian massacred by Boko Haram. I am Charlie as much as I am Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.
I am Charlie and I am not a fool. I know beyond any doubt that something else is taken place here. I know as many others do, that the truth about this massacre is yet to emerge and that at the moment what we are told is far away from the truth.
I am Charlie and it makes me sick in the stomach to know that the so called world leaders will gather soon in what they label an anti terrorist summit and take away more of our civil liberties as they have done post 9/11, which by now is clear to all was a false flag operation.
I am Charlie and I am disgusted to see the hypocrisy in this world. How can a master terrorist such as Benjamin Netanyahu march in an anti terror march, with so much Palestinian blood on his hands.
I don’t read French and I never looked at a Charlie Hebdo magazine or cartoons. I have no problem with satire; it is a valid form of expression. Some claim the satire was vulgar – perhaps it was, so what? We all have a right to express ourselves.  I have no problem with fun made of Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Krishna or any past prophet or God. It is healthy to make fun of ourselves and laugh even at our core beliefs.
What doesn’t make me laugh is this new world order who created the animal called terrorism in the first place.
Instilling more fear in people and enacting more draconian laws, which take away our civil liberties is not going to solve the problem; it will only add fuel to the fire already burning.
I have no doubt there is a secret and sinister agenda unfolding, and these attacks were part of it. Someone out there wants to divide us and control us.
This is not the time to buy into fear and intimidation from anyone, anywhere. This is not the moment to go on anti Muslim marches and blame a whole people for something someone has done, when in truth, non of us are clear yet who was behind this story; who really pulled the strings.
This is the time for us all to hold hands together and say enough is enough. We have had enough of this whole system, which creates such deep inequalities between people. A system, which thrives on the poverty of the masses in order to execute its agenda. A system which is a fertile breeding ground for terrorism and extremism on all sides.
The moment has also come to drop all political correctness and to call a spade a spade. The same way we fight the wrongs within the church and work to transform them, we need to expose the wrongs within Islam and any other religion that discriminates against women, people of different sexual orientation, etc.
We must also work to disarm the terrorist in uniform acting on the behest of evil governments and corporations, thus rid the world of most of the perpetrators of violence.
Once people are happy and well fed, when people have a rich culture to celebrate and their minds and hearts are filled with meaning, rather then garbage; we will have no extremist and no terrorist.

Another world is possible, we need to open our eyes, drop our sheep mentality, stop believing the lies we are fed by the main stream media and hold hand together as we create the new world we all want. The time has come – the time is now.