Wednesday, 24 August 2016


This article is way overdue. And I feel that the next few articles this blog will finally break from being still somehow politically correct and move into braver and bolder territory.
The other day I had a discussion with a friend of mine about veganism. When I mentioned to her that the aboriginal people in Australia survived and thrived on hunting and gathering she said “ well you see, they are not an intelligent race’.
My first reaction was, well everyone is entitled to their own truth.
My second reaction which is much more truthful and comes from the core of my being is ‘ fuck you’.  Fuck you for insulting my friends. Fuck you for your derogatory remarks on a people who have held powerful beam of light on this earth and are still in the same line, longer than any other surviving race. Fuck you for insulting my teachers, my elders, and the people who gave me the strength to walk this earth as an earth warrior and not as some ‘new age 'all talk - no action’.
Yes, you see, I promised the gloves are off, and its time to stop mincing with words.
I respect each and everyone’s dietary choices. When you come to my place and tell me you are vegan or gluten-free, I will cook for you accordingly. Will you respect my dietary choice? Of course not. I do not expect you to roast a roo for me, but I expect you to shut your mouth on what is none of your business – what I eat.
I respect that veganism might also be your spiritual path, I take my hat off to you, and I don’t like factory animal farming as well, it’s an insult to life, as I don’t like factory farmed vegetables.
Some of you vegans have become worst than the Christian crusaders. I do not see peaceful people, I see a new age fascist. If some of you think they have found the way for everyone, obviously you are totally lost.
The new age is the biggest lie circling this earth. It’s all about ME. I’ve been around this circus for years now, why is no one changing, why is the earth in such deep shit, why do people act only when the shit reaches their doorstep.
Because it’s all about ME.
What about some old and tested truth, like serve others and you will find your own happiness? The Sanatan Dharma, the teachings of the Buddha,  the selfless walk of master Jesus, the teachings of the earth elders. These teachings are all free.
My elder told me many years ago, “when anyone wants to charge you money for spiritual teachings’ walk the other way.’
Goenka gave Vipassana for free, and my observation is that it’s one of the only practices that actually facilitated change in people.
Truth cannot be bought or sold, it can only be shared.
The new age is a lie, it is a business model, a growth industry, but it will take you nowhere, including all its offshoots of a 150 euro a head ayahuasca circle and the likes.
We have been conditioned that the more we pay, the more we get. It is a lie! What is given free, with love, is more often than not, the most powerful gifts we get in our lives.
The Dalai Lama wrote in his forward to my book ‘I crow river’ that we do not have any time more to waste in the earth emergency we are in. So why are so many of you so concerned with your personal growth, with healing your wounds, etc.…don't you see this simple truth, the more energy you give to your wounds, the bigger they grow.
The new age is the age of the ‘self’ and if we are to act as a collective and create the new earth we all want then we must become selfless. We must stop caring so much about what we eat, or drink, or wear or for that sake, what others eat or drink. We must focus now on an action, yes outward forward action, not concerned with the self, and then by chance, a miracle might happen and the self, the wounded spirit and soul might be healed by our actions.
Another way is possible, a way to create the new earth we all want