Saturday, 11 December 2010

the time keepers - giving us no time instead of it all

One evening as I observed the movement of a couple of camels  strolling gracefully with the backdrop of tantalising sunset, it occurred to me what we have done to the precious gift called the illusion of time! 
 We have bastardised time. We have done with it the same thing we do with every freebee bestowed upon us by the ever giving universal Mama.
 What is time? It is our free space to exist and experience life.
What have we done to time? We have turned it into a commodity. Most of us have to buy the right to have time for a few moments to experience life out of the grinding mill of the current rat race.
As a race we may have toiled hard in the past to get our needs met, though we still always had time to sit back, take a deep breath and feel the presence of life, within and around us.
Now we are lucky if we have a few moments with the kids in the evening! What’s happened, who has robbed us of our time? Who is stealing our moment with life?       
Everything is turning to commodities. Water has, time has and soon air will. It is so ridicules. We have this thing called daylight saving. Now whom are we fooling? The day or the night? We move the man made clock every year so to buy us more time to consume. Ha-ha, someone is being fooled and it’s not the timekeeper.
Our rulers must be aware that if they handed us back our time with life, they would not be able to control us anymore. 
So what do they do? They produce more and more gadgets that are suppose to give us free time, though in reality they take away every little precious moment we could be present with life.

Its time we reclaim our time with life. Its time we reclaim our life, with time to feel it, experience it and enjoy it.
Another world is possible…. It’s up to us

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