Friday, 10 December 2010

WikiLeaks and the cyber revolt

WikiLeaks seems to have rocked the boat across the board. It does not matter from which side of politics you are; right, left or centre, the whole ruling elite is united in their war on Julian Assange
Now, I don’t know much about Mr Assange, therefore I cannot attest to his personal integrity and conduct. What I do found quite surprising is that his arrest comes days after he releases documents, damming governments worldwide.
So what’s exactly happening here? Who are these people whom want to hide the truth from us? Aren’t they peopling like you and me?  If they are, why do they conspire against us, and how come they perceive they are allowed to know things, which we; the ignorant masses must be shielded from.
Julian Assange is doing all of us a great service. At last he is exposing the paranoid schizophrenics that rule the world. He is bringing to light the endless lies we have been fed in the name of freedom, truth, God or whatever other garbage they market there agenda to us.
The Internet has become the last battlefield; a space which our corporate masters cannot fully control yet. This is evident by the sharp reaction by revolutionary hackers to Julian Assanage arrest. In a matter of a short time they have managed to shut down major websites of corporations and governments whom yielded to American pressure against WikiLeaks.
What we are witnessing is a new battle emerging for our rights as humans. Our right to live in true freedom, in true democracy, in true-truth.
These rights we have been denied for a long time, and now a window of opportunity has risen, for us to expose the culprits and start to shake the shackles the rulers of the world have put around us.
Another world is possible, a world of harmony and song. A place where we hold hands together, in support and embrace of each other.
We are entitled to know everything about our world and no one has they right to deny us this knowledge. The only reason I see for them to do so, is their wish to control us.
So; we change this; NOW not later.

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