Sunday, 19 December 2010

another world is possible part 1

The other day, one of my readers from Poland has offered me some critique; saying, that I write about the ills of the world, rather than offer a solution.
I thank you kasia for your feedback, and at the same time allow me to explain what the spider is attempting to weave here.
Yes, I am writing about the ills of the world. I am endeavouring to shed light on our so-called modern and democratic order, in order that we define the new dawn we aspire to co create.
I have not focused yet on the alternatives to the current system, for to cure a disease we must first diagnose its cause.
In fact, in understanding the dis-ease, we already initiate the healing process.
This goes for the ills of the world, and our own inner decay, which are totally related to one another.
We must first identify them; where they stem from, and why and how our reality has become so out of balance. Once we see through the veil, we are already way down the track to restoring balance within and without.
I do promise you though, that I will focus in detail on alternatives in a later date.
I have spent many years on both sides of what I call the revolution.
On one hand I stood in front of the bulldozers as they attempted the destruction of ancient forest, on the other I planted trees to create the forest of tomorrow.
Both actions are equally important and relevant to the struggle at hand.
I also know, that when we stood with anger against the destruction, we were less effective than when we stood with love.
So I will continue with this operation of dissecting the apparatus of exploitation, subjugation and separation.
The current material barbarism is disempowering all of us.
The myth of God, Greed and separation is responsible for the current morbid state of humanity at the same time raping our Mama earth into shreds.
First we must acknowledge that, somehow we are all part of this structure, which is wiping out all earths support system in an accelerated rate, and is annihilating dozens of species of life every day of the face of creation.
We are all guilty in one-way or another, for even with our silence, we continue to offer our consent to what is taken place.
Once we understand how the mechanism of destruction is allowed to operate with impunity, we might discover ways to initiate change, thus we are already half way to recreating the Promised Land.
And yes I do promise focus on alternatives.
In 2003 I published together with my colleague a paper for the Tibetan government in exile, titled “Tibetan sustainable Living project, form self reliance in exile to a free Tibet
This paper has a lot of idea’s on how to create sustainable community, through the use of permaculture principals, micro economics, thinking globally and acting locally etc.
The paper was presented to various organisations around the world including the Australian parliament and the UN.
Once I figure out the mechanics (yes, I am relatively computer illiterate) of posting it on the net, I will give you a link to access this information and more).
So yes, the alternatives are out there. The solutions to the current crisis are simple, perhaps too simple. And simple things are not profitable for the corporations ruling our lives. This is why we have wool shed over our eyes, to make us believe, that the solution is complicated. That answers are found in more and more money, being invested in this or that.
We can get our power for free, we can heal disease with ease, we can work less and enjoy more, and we can transcend our differences and live in unity. All these things are possible right now.
Restoring harmony and health are not a profitable agenda. They are the agenda of the future; the other way is just not tenable
We must shift our reference point to the foundation of life. Once we anchor our vision that it’s not about money…. Its about love, the money masters would have lost their power.  Life embraced within principals of truth, simplicity and love will usher in the true era of abundance. 


  1. a few comments......
    for starters free tibet sure but lets not forget, that we should also free china, they suffered the same fate that the tibetans did!!!!
    they suffered so greatly yet people see only tibet!!!

    take a look at
    they are the best attempt so far to create a better future.......
    adopt if you like it..... is another...
    we need to see org's that are out there... we need to come together......
    we are one
    so lets be one!!!!

  2. Dear friend
    I had a look at the website you suggested. I have to be honest. I did not find it inspiring, neither did I feel it offers real solutions to the issues at hand.
    On the contrary, in a way it still supports the current economic system, which is destroying life on planet earth. “Simultaneous implementation would ensure that no country became uncompetitive” this is the problem. He is still talking of competition. We need cooperation, not competition.
    Think globally, act locally.
    I appreciate that here is someone that is looking for solutions. For me this is not a solution. It still works within the parameters of our current system and supports it.
    I agree with you whole-heartedly on your sentiment with china and Tibet. The Tibetan have a vast network of global support, yet the Chinese people themselves, be it mainstream or minorities – are the forgotten victims of china’s long lasting dictatorship.
    For the earth and life – another world is on her way