Friday, 14 October 2016


There is no such thing as a false truth, something is or true or false. This illustrates what a twisted and unreal reality we live in. we are made to believe so many things are true, the people who make us believe in it, believe in it themselves many times, thus we are living in a matrix I can best describe as false truths.
Life in a world where reality is a product, rather than a truth is becoming more and more challenging to many of us. It is not that the world is fake. The world is real, but the story we are told, the narrative that guides most of our lives is a bunch of false truths, at time totally fake. Let us examine this together in order to see how and where we can truly affect change.

False truth media – this must be the number one culprit, since this gives birth to and affirms the other false truths and is the tool used to manufacture the consent for the lies that we are fed.
The media is the number one tool used to manipulate and alter our reality so we conform to the story the corporations would like us to believe in, a story that makes us an easier mob to control and manipulate. So the first thing we must do, is look beyond the mainstream media to find the real story. There are many proven examples how the media is playing wit us and telling us lies, half-truths, or hiding from us whatever does not suit the agenda of the ownership.  If to point just to a current one, the war in Syria. Almost everything we are fed by the mainstream western media is a lie and twisted truths. WikiLeaks has shown over the years how much bullshit we are fed by the powers that be, in all facets of our lives.
Watch and listen carefully, they are preparing us for the next war with their lies, but this we leave for another article. In the meantime, explore other sources of media, some mentioned on the links in this blog.

Fake food – most of the food marketed around the world is fake junk food. It is not real food, though marketing has created more than 600,000 items of fake food on American supermarkets, that would have never been considered food or consumed, if it wasn’t for the clever marketing advertising and mind altering technics of the powers that be.
So many of these foods, if you give it to your dog, he will just walk away. It is not food, it is a product! And the food that does come from nature is poisoned and genetically manipulated and designed to make us sick rather than heal and nourish our bodies.
Eat organic and local whenever you can, this is already a personal revolution.

False truth medicine – there is no health care system. There are corporations profiting from our sicknesses and they would go broke if we became healthy. Nature has provided free cures for almost everything, but we are sold patented medicines that make the big companies rich.
You want some proof of where priorities are!  On average a medical Dr studies less than a day on nutrition in their 7 year training, and nutrition is the key to health!
Doctors are just salesman for the pharmaceutical companies. So many Doctors and scientist whom have found cure to the so-called incurable diseases have been murdered or silenced. Incurable disease is the biggest profit maker to these giant octopuses who have zero interest in our health.
Get healthy, eat healthy, live healthy and seek natural cures.

False truth science – most scientific research is sponsored by big corporations to give them the results they are after, for example the research on the affect of genetically modified food is sponsored by the companies who produce them. So how can we believe any scientific arguments when the money comes from interest groups? Even the so-called unbiased research, if you dig deep and follow the money, you will understand that the results were actually determined before the research commenced.

False truth democracy – does anyone still believe in democracy? How can we? Politicians are the hit men for the corporations sponsoring them. So many major political bills are written in the boardrooms of the corporations. Whilst most of the time we have a choice between an evil and what we might consider a lesser evil. Real choice is not there and no one in the right mind wants to enter the dirty world of politics.
Look at the current American elections – a choice between a liar and a clown.
Create grass roots movements. Participate in them do not conform – rebel! Remember, Jesus and Buddha and Gandhi, they were all rebels!

False truth morality – what a joke, morality. And who is imposing it, men in dark overcoats. Our bodies become something we are ashamed of. Men dictate to women what they should do with their bodies in cases like abortion. Straight people find it offensive that gay people want to get married too. Whose business is it, what other people do with their lives? It is a total fake morality to control the people, divide them and live a life devoid of true freedom. Morality does not allow us to say the word fuck in the media but words such as torture and murder are cool.
Sex, which is a natural function like eating and sleeping, is confined to the approval of the priest or the imam, since sex out of marriage is still considered immoral in more than half the world.
Say fuck you to all of this, treat all with respect and follow your bliss.

False truth education - what are we learning? What are our houses of learning teaching? Lies, lies and lies. They educate us to be a cog in the machine. They prepare us to be a contributor to the money machine, a slave to the money masters. They do not teach us any real life skills. They teach s lies about history and brainwash is with half or no truths about what happened in the past or what is happening now.
Seek to learn real things, follow your passion, not what will get you a better job.

False truth justice – have you ever thought how come a thief that steals something worth a thousand dollars gets around 10-15 years in jail and a banker that steals 15 million might get 6 months suspended sentence! Do I need to say anymore? We have no justice system, just whoever can afford high-end lawyers and comes from the ruling classes is set free. If you are from the slave class, you are guilty before the trial even started and you are going in for a long time.

SO, WHAT DO WE DO? Are you depressed by all of this? Don’t be. Get angry, positively angry, an anger that moves you into action. Many of us are aware of this bullshit and are moving to create and affirm a REAL world.  A world with real media, and real food, real knowledge, and real justice, real freedom and real democracy.
Another world is possible; join the movement, NEVER GIVE UP!