Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Monocultures of the mind

Monoculture, monotheism, monogamy, we are slowly but surely being shifted into life in a Mono world.
The origin of the word mono comes from the Greek word ‘monos’, which means alone.
Monoculture - the cultivation of a single crop in a given space.

Monotheism - the doctrine or belief that there is only one God.
Monogamy - that you can love one and one only.
And so it goes on and on, the narrowing of the spectrum of the bandwidth where life can take place in.  it is at an accelerated pace that we are encouraged to embrace a Mono world. 
Mono is singular, one tracked, one point of view.
We are told the Promised Land rests in a mono world, with the one God, one crop, one currency, one tolerated point of view.
Of course, as mono-humans, it is much easier to control and manipulate us, to fit the needs of the major shareholders directing our lives.
Mono is a denial of diversity and therefore a limitation on life.
Monoculture in farming has destroyed diversity, encouraged pests and has handed the corporations total dominion over humanity’s food chain.
Monotheism has destroyed the great party in the heavens., where an array of gods and goddesses had fun. 
Prior to the emergence of monotheism, we worshipped all that is alive. The sun, the moon, the wind, the earth, the sky, the tree, the monkey and the lists as endless. The energy was feminine, seductive and full of trickery. Fun and mystery were encouraged.
Then we handed it over to a one god. A male god, thus the mess we have witnessed in the last 6000 years.
Monogamy means that by decree, not by choice, we must confine our love to the one person. Those who dare share their love and lives with more than one are outlaws.
Mono has become the main theme in our lives. Through the clever manipulation of the media, we have been encouraged to wear the same cloths, cultivate the same looks, think the same thoughts and live the same lives, all in servitude to the money masters ruling the roost.
Diversity is life’s elixir. It is where true sharing and celebration is born.

If you travel widely as I do, you would notice that a certain class (the people with cash) all over the world are starting to look like a mirror image of each other. Same clothes, same foods, same lingo, same aspirations, same thoughts, same shopping mall etc.
Doesn’t matter if you are in India, China, Australia, Europe, Poland, Canada the U.S.A; at times it feels you are just stepping into the same place.
This is what the mono world looks like. 
Designed in the boardrooms of the corporation, it is slowly killing the diversity of culture around the world, in favour of the brave new world.
Now, none of us really want this brave new world, for deep within our cellular resonance we recognise that this is a doorway to spiritual death and cultural annihilation – in favour of the age of the robot. So why are we letting this happen?
When is the last time we made a conscious choice not to buy a brand name?
We can reject this Monoculture by freeing our minds. 
Diversity on all levels is the key to our future.  Diversity is where we truly find our unity.
Another world is possible. She is on her way. One of the keys is diversity.

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