Wednesday, 26 April 2017


I am angry, pissed off, disillusioned and baffled by what is unfolding in front of us, within us - the species we call a human race. And so should you be! Yes, nothing wrong with anger, when it is not accompanied with its nasty relative – hatred, and we need a passion now to ignite and awake us from our slumber.
The crow remained silent this year, with so many half finished articles, painting positive pictures of the surrounds, though it felt that the painter is lying, and for the moment, on the global scale there is another truth emerging, one that we cannot continue to ignore or deny!
We are at the brink of a major war; a war that we all know is a piece of macabre theatre, manufactured by empire in order to prop up their sagging economy and agenda.
 A war that is designed to divide us further, so we are easier to control and led into the next level of the NWO agenda.
Every day thousands are dying, while the arms dealers, the merchants of death in their boardrooms; the lunatics at the helm are counting their profits.
Everybody is killing everybody. One day you are a friend; the next day you are the enemy. The Kurds defeat Isis and than get bombed by Turkey with US consent. Isis apologises to Israel for accidentally
shelling it as it knows Israel is on its side, while Israel bombs Assad, the one who does not call for the destruction of Israel. Why? Because it wants a collapsed Syria in order to gain international legitimacy for the annexation of the Golan Heights. Iran is doing nothing but is being threatened with attack and sanctions, because it has gas and oil. America blames Russia for interfering with the US elections, while it is documented that the US has brought down or installed at least 100 governments in the last 50 years, always siding with the Dictator.
And war, the big business opportunity created through the agony of the masses to appease the aspirations of the few. War, the human insanity that has never solved any conflict and only created more wars. How far have we evolved? We create super computers but we cannot stop fighting each other, or more so, we cannot wake up to the fallacy that we must defeat an illusionary enemy in order to survive.
The USA had more than 900 military bases in 130 countries while Russia has one base outside the former Soviet Union.  Yet the ever lying MSM keeps on painting Russia as the aggressor and the US a peace loving nation!
Do I need to continue? Or are you numb and dumb, while the MSM is spewing their endless lies in order to gain our silent agreement, our nod that we will not dissent.  We are up to our necks with this shit and…we are doing nothing. In the 60’s they marched and eventually ended the Vietnam War. Now the insanity is bigger and our youth is silent, intoxicated by MDMA, Ayahuasca, ketamine and other form of ego enhancing substances. And to the ones who will scream now that this or that connects us to be part of the all that is, - I say – connection is action, and it is rarely seen within these circles.
If we were a sane race, the campuses would be burning, the streets would be lit by fires of truth, as Gandhi did when he called on the Indians to burn all cloth manufactured by the British  – but we continue to buy the products of the ones who oppress us and thus we support their agenda. , And as the Germans remained silent when the Nazis led the Jews and Gypsies and Gays into the gas chambers, we are silent while the corporate masters are leading us to another war and another war and another war. While they destroy our earth, poison our water, manipulate our seed and try to eliminate to most precious human emotion – hope for a better tomorrow.
We remain silent, burying our head in the sand, concerned with our super foods, and esoteric experiences – in the age of me, me and me, we are the bankers, and the killers and fossil fuel executives and the masters of war. We are them, because our silence is our consent and our inaction is our agreement that we do not dissent.
Brothers and sisters, we are in a critical junction in human movement, and positive thinking will not suffice now. Critical thinking with emotions burning and overflowing with concern for all our relations is what’s needed, a concern that translated into courage’s and determined action.  Any moment now, any morning, we are going to wake up into a reality and hold our head between our hands and say WTF. Why we didn’t we see it?! How come we didn’t act before they acted, enacting their insane plans, where human life and earth’s life are just a secondary thought to their agenda.

I do still believe in a secret, hidden corner of my heart, that another way, another world is possible. We need each and every one of us, more than ever. NOW, not tomorrow.

Thursday, 15 December 2016


Does anyone still believe any of the crap and lies dished to us by the MSM?  Are you sick of it? I definitely am! And these perpetual lies will manufacture the consent for the next war, and more and more bloodshed.
I encourage you all to wake up and see beyond the veil. The same mainstream media that dished us the weapons of mass destruction lie and the 9/11 lie, the Gaddafi is a monster lie, the Israel fighting for its survival lie, and Russia is an ever growing threat lie, is now dishing out the Aleppo lie.
The MSM have no correspondents in Aleppo, by they keep on telling us what the some so called rebels want us to hear.
In fact, there are no rebels either, they are foreign fighters, paid by Saudi and Qatar, to support a Sunni/Salafi agenda and destabilise a free country, happened to be rules by an Alawite, which is a very relaxed form of Shia Islam.  This Alawite dared put the interest of his country first and refused to let a Qatari gas pipeline run through their country.
Sorry my friends, but the MSM is dishing us a sad theatrical story, to further the US and IS agenda that seem to be one and the same.
Every, and I repeat again EVERY independent journalist that has been to the Syrian battlefield has come to the same conclusion. That most of the Syrian population is behind Assad and most of the so-called rebels, are paid jihadist, mercenaries, destabilising the country and causing untold suffering.
If it weren’t for Russian intervention, Syria would already be in the hands of the jihadist. If it weren’t for American and Saudi intervention, this war would have never happened.
Too political for you? Remember, your country could be the next one to lose its freedom, you could be the next one to lose your freedom, and in fact, we have already lost so many of our freedoms to free speech, to protest, to expose and dissent. We are living in a total make belief system.
I feel it in my guts every time I open and read anything by the corporate sponsored and state sponsored western media.
They are in the business of keeping the military industrial complex alive and preparing us for the next war. Aren’t you disgusted by this bloodshed? Aren’t you tired of seeing our brothers and sisters around the world getting killed and tortured and bombed, because if there is an end to war, the current western economic base would go broke, and with-it the neo liberal fantasy.
Its time to go deep within and stop believing what we are told by the powers that be. They are all liars. Their agenda is not peace on earth. War is evil but for them it is a business opportunity.
Isn’t time that we blockaded every American embassy around the world? Every Saudi mission?  That we stooped opening BBC and CNN and called them for what they are – liars.
Has anyone missed the point that the three most liberal and modern Muslim countries have been destroyed. The only countries that women could study and wear jeans, and hold hands with a man and walk without a man!!! Yes Libya, Syria and Iraq were the most progressive, non-religious countries in the Muslim world. Who destroyed them and for what? For fossil fuels and for currency.  Have any of you noticed that the only uncovered wife of a Muslim president is the wife of Assad.
Now, no one claims that any of these leaders is a saint, as much as non of our western leaders are, and some of our western leaders have much more blood on their hands than Gaddafi or Assad ever did! So what is the real story? Another neo colonialist, neo liberal rule that dictates which bad man, which henchman is legit and which one isn’t.
There is a very nasty war on truth these days in order to propagate and prepare us for the next war. It wants to add glory to wars fought in the name of an ever hungry and greedy ruler, the white western elite.
Do you think for a moment that IS would have come to being without the consent of the powers that be? Has anyone ever watched their endless conveys with new SUV’s untouched by any airpower, parading in clear daylight.
So get out, get out of the MSM nightmare. Use your deep knowing and find ways to educate yourself, some links are in this blog.
And once we know what is really happening, we need to find ways to gather, and stop this insanity. Because if we don’t, the wars will never end and with it our last freedoms will be taken away, in the name of an illusive and manufactured threat and one day we will find ourselves as unwilling foot soldiers of the corporate masters.
We are in a critical conjuncture in human evolution. We are rising with many new ideas and transforming in many positive ways. Though the shadow is big and dark and there is no pretending it is not here.

Another world is possible – the time for action is now!