Monday, 25 September 2017


Yes, love is love and it needs no authorities stamp of approval to grow and flower.  And this is why I realised I have to write this article. I thought of it quite a bit, and I know it will offend some of my gay friends. But something doesn’t feel right here, and it's not about equal rights for my gay brothers and sisters, which I totally support, there is something in this whole theatre that I do not vibe with.
So sorry mates, this rave is attempting to touch something more sacred than the right to get married, under a law that anyway I do not align with. This is about freedom of speech. Actually something even more sacred then freedom of speech – freedom of thought, in a system that more and more directs us to think in the way they want us to think, even if the thoughts seem to be progressive and cool.
So, why will I not vote?
Well, first and foremost because I do not wish to empower a system of governess I do not trust or believe in.
There is something else though that really disturbs me. The lack of real dialogue, of meaningful discussion. It seems that there are only two points of view from the start. Or you are a god loving-gay hater, or you totally support anything the yes camp says. Nothing in-between, no questions, no doubts, no space to express oneself.
The whole political arena seems to be narrowed now to right wing fascist and centre/left pure hearts who cannot tolerate anything that does not align with what they see as their politically correct agenda.
I am sorry, I do not align with any of these camps, and I see a very divisive agenda that is distracting us from real issues such as our totally exploitive economic system, globalisation that is destroying cultures and earth and a silent acceptance by all sides that we must compromise and join with a system that we do not believe in or trust.
 The latest events in the US were an example of this agenda. Of course, I do not support the KKK and the fascist, though I could not support the violence of the Antifa movement as well. They felt the same, or coming from the same source of intolerance and a willingness to listen.
Something similar is happening with this debate as well, there seem to be aggressiveness from the ‘yes’ camp, that puts me off, and it materialised the other day with the spam text messages sent to all mobile phones around Australia.
Nobody wants to be told how to think, even if at times our thoughts may not be aligned with the highest truth, and if we look at Canada, and their experience with the aftermath of legalising gay marriage, we should be alarmed.
Now in Canada, any opinion that does not support gay marriage is considered homophobic and can land you in jail. Remember, it starts here and the next thing is that any opinion that does not support immunisation can land you in jail. And the list goes on and on.
What we need to understand is that the powers that be are not interested in gay rights. They are interested in more instruments of control. Beware and be aware of what is really happening and how we are being played as puppets on a string before you start throwing arrows at this writer.
Now to my personal opinion of marriage, be it between same sex or opposite sex.
The two institutes that control marriage in Australia; the church and the government are both not to be trusted as far as I am concerned. Therefore I do not wish to participate in this divisive circus they are creating.
In Australia where gays and straights have the same legal rights as de-facto couples, I do not see why anyone needs a stamp of approval from the government to cement their love.
And last but not least. If we change the definition of a parent from natural parent to legal parent, where are we actually heading? Do not be short-sighted. In no time parents that will oppose vaccination to their children may be stripped of their ‘legal’ parenthood. Which could be assigned to parents who comply with the government’s agenda and the list is endless.
We are entering uncharted waters with no real dialogue and this is not the way we want to create a world of true freedom and equality.
Another world is possible, it is not going to happen within the current system, we have to dream and create a new one.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Today is September 11, so let’s talk terrorism. Let’s really talk terrorism.
September 11 as we know it was the biggest con job in modern History. And if you still think that 2 planes can bring down 3 super modern, steel enforced buildings, then I am not sure what to say to you. Recently a high-rise building in London burnt for 2 days, and what happened, of course, nothing.
And it you still think an armature pilot can fly a commercial jet at maximum speed and crash into the Pentagon at ground level, a feat many pilots have gone on record to testify as impossible, then you are hiding from the truth or simply the owner of a hijacked brain.
So let's talk terrorism. Something happened on September 11 16 years ago that changed the world we live in. yes, it was an act of terror, but by whom?
This we don’t know yet, what we do know is that the world as we know it has changed forever. We are all being terrorised by the great empire. Our liberties and human right suppressed. We are all under surveillance. We are all suspects, for the real terrorist is afraid that someone may blow the whistle on him.
And now to some sad fact. The modern era buzzword – Terrorism, is a phenomenon happening everywhere and on all sides of the argument, it has penetrated deep into every facet of our lives.
Every day the west bombs and kills scores of people around the world. At this moment the US and its allies are dropping bombs in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and many other countries while threatening Venezuela with invasion, Iran with repercussions and North Korea with annihilation. You may ask why should North Korea be annihilated?   Well, they had the audacity to defy the great sheriff of the world and are developing what the US has so many off – nuclear bombs. How do you call all this – I call it hypocrisy and state and superpower terrorism.
And now to another page of the terror narrative. Almost every day there is a car bomb in Iraq or Afghanistan as a result of western intervention that destroyed their systems and countries...and why are we not shocked? Where are the candles and the tears and the outrage? Are they not human and deserve the same respect and grieving as the victims of Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, and Manchester? And this is not the whole story. They are subject to terrorism from internal strife mostly as a result of western invasions and they are subject to the might of western super weapons.
Or is the west killing women and children with remote control drones, justified, because we are so civilised that we want to force the entire world to be like us?
But really, are we really so dumb, that we buy into the narrative and hysteria, when desperate and misguided souls commit these horrible acts of indiscriminate murder on Europe soil, but at the same time with our silence we give our consent to state-sponsored terrorism that kills at times in one day, what the lone desperados will not manage in years.
And here we come to another fact of interest. In the 20th century most terrorism in Europe was homegrown;  Baader-Meinhof in Germany, the IRA in the UK, the Red Brigades in Italy, the Basque liberation movement in Spain etc.  
So as we see, terrorism is not an Islamic invention as many people claim, however, for as long as oppressive political systems exist, some people will rise against them.
Basically, a soldier in a uniform is a legal terrorist while, when there is no state mechanism backing you, you are branded an illegal terrorist.
When the Jews fought the British in Palestine, the Stern gang was a famous terrorist group, once the state of Israel was created over Palestinian blood; the gang was absorbed into the IDF. So as you see, it is a matter of perception. For one it is a freedom fighter and for the other, a terrorist; depends on which side of the argument you are.
Regardless of an argument or a cause, you are always a terrorist if you attack unarmed innocent people, who have nothing to do with what you are a grieving about. You are a terrorist if you ram them in a car on the street, or drop one-tonne bombs on their homes.

Islamic terrorism did not exist until we did not start invading their countries in the 80’s and 90’s and then with the false flag operation of 9/11, terrorism became a way of life for all side.
And let us not forget for a moment, that the main victims of terrorism, the terrorism that we- the west have created  - are Muslims themselves. Only 1 percent of all victims of terror attacks are European – get it!
Though as the car bombs explode in Bagdad, and Islamabad and Kabul we are silent. No one is in tears, no world condemnation, and no outrage and outcry.
Just an eerie silence, as though these people deserve to die.
Wake up people, this terrorist hysteria is to divide us further, erode our freedoms and rights and continue to support the biggest industry that holds the US economy together – the military-industrial complex.
And now we get to the real crux of it. We are being terrorised day and night, by a system that wants us to believe that we need their protection. They create and implement an agenda that propels us to live in fear so their narrative can survive and gain legitimacy.
Isn’t the economic system of total inequality a terrorist act, when one percent owns as much as the other 80-percent? When one has more food than he can eat in a thousand million years and the other goes hungry? Isn’t this a vile form of terrorism, or please tell me what else do you want to call it?
Aren’t the big banks all terrorists of the worst kind?
Is the surveillance state we live under not a form of terrorism? Is spraying our earth with countless poisons not a form of terrorism against the people and the plant?
Is allowing children to starve to death when the world grows 3 times the food that it needs not a form of terrorism?
Is blackmailing third world countries with endless debt created by their former colonial rulers not a form of terrorism?
The list goes on and on.
But we are fools. We follow the headlines, that are designed to divert our attention and divide us, and we end believing that there is an enemy trying to invade us, while the real enemy is the one we voted for in the last elections and the elections before that.
Another world will be possible, once we wake up from this bad dream full of gadgets and distractions, and start paying attention to what really matters – love, freedom, caring and sharing.

Thursday, 17 August 2017


We all come from the earth, and we all eventually turn to earth again. So anyone, and I mean anyone can change, reform and become a force of good in the world.
There is a famous story in Buddhism how a mass murderer comes to the Buddha, and by the love and compassion of the Buddha turns into a saint.
Racism is raising its ugly face again, as it has done time and again through HisStory and somehow it feels like we are writing a book with a new law, that violence is cool when you are on the right side of the argument. I am disgusted, the political correctness around these events has gone a step further, to a place that only one truth and only one point of view is accepted. Actually only one narrative is allowed to be voiced and discussed. Sadly i see that the ones that use to be the force of good and hope in the world, are being manipulated like puppets by the powers that be, for their own agenda, while hate and intolerance is growing on both sides. And yes, I repeat, on both sides.
First and foremost the events in Charlottesville were somehow a stark reminder that we live in a world were basic hatred and bigotry are still prevalent amongst many people. A hatred that has been preached by many who now suddenly condemn it with alligator tears.
I might disappoint many of my readers. I don’t hate racist people and I don’t even want to shut their mouths. I want to engage them in conversation, in dialogue and find some common ground and go from there.    
And yes, if any racist person would try and hurt someone, I will attempt to stand in their way, though I would not block them from expressing their views. Why? Because I don’t want to be right by fighting wrong. I want to go deep into where this wrong has its breading grounds and try and change the landscape there.
It might feel strange to some, though I have a question to the ones amongst you who want to go and bash and destroy the so-called racist assholes? Do you want freedom? Do you want democracy? Do you want true freedom of expression? Than if you do… until someone does not attack you, he or she has a right to express their views, however uncomfortable these views are, or however insulting they are to a decent human spirit.
I hate to agree with this man ‘Mr Trump’ who I deeply dislike, when he said that the violence in Charlottesville came from both sides. I looked at the footage quite a few times and saw the so-called leftist, were ready with baseball bats to fight the racist marchers and were engaging them.
Is this a way that would resolve anything? Would this bring change in the world? Or as Gandhi said, ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth would only make the whole world blind.”
Sorry, but fighting fire with fire is not going to work here, not at all, and it is going to give us the opposite result of what we want. It is going to perpetuate more racism and bigotry in the world. I have been quite surprised by the amount of support that was extended to violence against the so-called Nazi marchers in Charlottesville. It could have been more powerful to hold a silent counter march, just standing in silence, observing and shaming the ones who see one human being a superior to another. And would an innocent soul lost her life, if the opposite march was silent rather provoking? This we will not know.
I am no stranger to racism. I was born in the Bronx, where all of us minority groups were racist against each other and living with each other at the same time. It was a different form of racism, it was bad, but wasn’t deadly. And many times it dissolved because people were engaged with one another, that at the end they saw there was no ghost with horns in people from other cultures and backgrounds.
I kept watching and observed that the racist phenomena existed wherever I lived,
I was formed into being in Australia where my aboriginal elder who took me under his wings of light for a long time, used to say to me almost every day. ‘Never hate anyone’ ‘their heart is made of clay like yours’. He was a shining example of forgiveness. White people have massacred his people and their way of life destroyed, though he refused to jump into the sinking boat of hatred and revenge. By his forgiveness and love in every situation he brought many whites and blacks together, and converted many racist into decent human being with the power of love.
We need to watch and learn, and see what way really works, what road really changes hearts and minds.
In the last 7 years I spent a lot of time in east Europe, only to witness again what I call the real nasty racism. This total hatred for gypsies and Muslims and Jews.
I also came to learn that a lot of my friends there had racist points of view. I had a choice, to shun them or engage them. I chose to focus on their humanity, and in some instances, by offering them a different point of view, they dropped their inbuilt racist outlook.
I remember years ago when a friend of mine in India Dinesh used to host this total asshole racist American Vietnam vet almost every evening. One day I asked him why he is so nice to this asshole by keeping inviting him over, night after night.
He smiled at me and said, “ Baba, I am slowly making an operation on him and opening his heart, and one day I will go inside and change him” pointing a fist into the air as if he was going into the others heart and opening a door’, while smiling with victory.
To do something like this we need much more strength of character than to throw bricks at people we disagree with, people who might have even massacred our ancestors.
Do you know that some of the most vocal campaigners against racism in the US are ex clan members? Do you get what I am saying? Everyone has a heart, and that’s the space we need to aim at, rather than the hysteria being generated at the moment.
 We have to decide now; do we really want another world - another way? Do we? Because if we do, another type of warrior needs to emerge within us, a warrior that acts rather then reacts. A warrior that looks ahead at the results of their actions, the long-term outcome, rather then the satisfaction of getting something off our chest.
Another world is possible, she is asking for our hearts and wisdom to lead the way.