Sunday, 12 December 2010


Two questions have always intrigued me when it comes to the current state of affairs, we, the human race live in.
The first is; is there really a conspiracy out there or are we just a bunch of idiots, ruled by greedy bastards.

The second is; why are we letting a bunch of selfish, cruel lunatics rule us humans and why we have come to accept this as a faith a complete; something we have no power to change.

With time I have come to understand that the answer to the first question was not really important or relevant to the action that was required of us all. 

It doesn’t matter why it’s happening. What does matter is – that it is happening.
Slowly but surly, true resistance seems to be dying. Our powers and rights are being stripped away because we allow them to be.

The only country in the western world where the government is still a bit weary of the public’s reaction is France. Otherwise, when is the last time we heard of a good, crippling general strike in Holland? Brittan? The U.S? Canada? Australia?  Years, many years and the younger amongst us probably don’t know what a general strike looks like? A general strike for me is a sign of a healthy vibrant democracy.

So what’s happening? We have been striped of our right to protest because we have let it to happen. We have been cowed into submission. We whinge and wine about what’s happening, though we do nothing. We can’t blame anyone. No matter what draconian laws, governments worldwide have enacted to quash dissent; we still have the power to resist. And yes, resistance does have a price tag attached to it, though ultimate, we come victorious.

The younger generation are bred to believe that resistance is the domain of terrorist. This is what the establishment would like all of us all to believe. It is so wrong! Resistance is the sacred duty of the humanist; the ones amongst us that still care about the faith of mama earth and the parasite living on her, a parasite that is quickly striping her out of life. 
A parasite that by some sheer oversight is called human.

In 1967 in a speech in riverside church in NYC Martin Luther King stated "that a time comes where silence is betrayal." He was talking of the Vietnam War at the time. Now there is a war raging against all of us. And what are we doing? Most of us are silent!

This war is against our freedom to be . You either conform with the mould designed for you by the corporation or you are an outcast.

There is hope though,and any meaningful change through history has always sprung into being by the ones whom at the time were called the outcasts. The fringe is always  the the place where a new social order is born.

So let us celebrate the fact that we are sitting on what today is the fringe and tomorrow will be the new way.
Let us find more ways to cease co-operating with a system, which in reality is modern slavery in disguise of economic necessity.

I will elaborate on this one in later writings, and invite feedback on more ways to cut our ties with a system, which is so anti human.

Another world is possible. She is on her way. We make it happen!

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