Friday, 31 December 2010

Vision Future - 2011 and beyond

I would like to take a break for a moment from the theme we have been exploring in the last month and dream together a vision for the year to come.
We have been looking at the ills of the world and why our socio/ economic/ religious system is so corrupt and out of touch with real human needs.

So let us see if we can envision the world we want to live in, and let us feel the inner scape we aspire to create this world from.
How about we start with a world where our unity is inspired by the celebration of our diversity.

A world where a hundred precent of our resources are spent on health, education, art, music upliftment of the disadvantaged and all other positives, that brings smiles to peoples faces.

A world where we gauge are progress by definitions such as GNP (gross national happiness) as opposed to the current GDP (gross domestic product)
At present more than half the world’s annual wealth is spent on defence, which is a very cunny word. In real language, half the world’s money is spent on instruments of war. So we take this money away from hate and we put it into love, Imagine! Really it’s not so hard to do.

Yes, lets imagine all together, a world where renewable energy has replaced the fossil fuel economy.
Where chemical/modern/ terminator seed agriculture has been replaced with working in harmony with the land and producing food of much higher nutritional quality, whilst preserving the health of mama earth, which grows our food. Imagine! Really, it’s not that hard to do.
Lets envision together conflict resolution through dialogue and understanding, rather than threats and war.

 Let us instil love within each other’s hearts and leave fear to a bygone era. Really, it’s not that hard to do.

Yes, it does take our will and intent. So what? Isn’t it better than the illusion of separation, which is leading us down a dark hole of no return.

So let us affirm together, that we are all part of the one circle, even if for a brief moment in time, we might have differing points of view.
Let us join together to bring about the dissolution of these giant transnational companies, whilst handing back the wealth of each nation to benefit its own populace.

Lets support again the family owned store, which greets us with a real smile, and the small farmer whom really cares for the land.
Let us dream a world together, where no one gets left behind. A world where there is enough to satisfy all our needs, rather than our greed.
A world where there is enough to go around for everyone. At present 1% of the population owns 40% of the plants wealth, lets change this and make sure no one has too much or too little.

Let us awake to a new era of freedom, where democracy actually reflects the will of the people, rather than consent manufactured by the privileged few.
Really it isn’t hard to do, once we stop succumbing to the illusion of fear and offer real resistance alongside real solutions; all of us, together.

Let us create together a world where health is not an industry answering to its shareholders, hence healthy humans are not the desired outcome to the balance sheets of the giant pharmaceutical conglomerates. 

Let us create a health system that does not profit from human suffering, rather celebrates human health and well-being.
Let proven natural healing be the mainstream and invasive, expensive so-called modern medicine be the last resort alternative.

Let us create again together, a world where children can identify the marvels of nature, rather than the logos of hundreds of brand names, luring them away from their innocence.
Let us celebrate innocence, magic and owe as a way of life rather than stories to be told in fairy tales.

Let us all know that all of the above is not merely a dream, but a reality that we can and will create together.

Happy New Year to all of you wherever you are. May you forever know, that that you are a star shining in an infinite galaxy. That you and me and all of us are creating the reality we want.

This moment we are all co-creating the future.

So…. What do you think? How do you want to see the next evolutionary step?
Would you be proud to tell the children you did nothing?
Do you dare to dream big, or have you been made to believe you are powerless by the powers that be?

Another World Is Possible

We make it happen

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