Monday, 18 December 2017


Again it’s the birthday of one of my big hero’s next week. Jesus of Nazareth. A true warrior and hero. A man of truth and conviction. 
Some of you may ask now, is the writer a Christian. No, the writer is a human and does not believe in any organised religion, especially the Catholic Church that has been a breeding ground for pedophilia and oppression.
 This time of the year is always a moment of deep introspection for me. It is also a time when we can affirm change or stagnation.
For this writer, it is a moment of big changes.
For those of you who know me well it is not a secret, though for others I open up now to the world. Around 30 years ago I received initiation from two Australian Aboriginal elders, one woman and one man I briefly mentioned this in the introduction to my book ‘ I CROW RIVER’.
What does this initiation mean? It is a connection and bond with the bloodline of the tribe, as well as sharing the knowledge of past/present ‘future and seeing through the material illusion.
For cultural and other reasons I have kept quiet for almost 30 years on the knowledge that was passed on to me. I feel that now the time has come to open up, there is no other choice; we are at a critical point in the evolution of humanity.

So, in the next months and years (if God affords me this time) I will share in talks and in writings what was shared with me.
And now back to the main theme of this article. The upcoming birthday of Yeshua. Well, how do you think he would feel when he looks down on us at this present moment of human evolution? Of course compassion, but really I know he wouldn’t be very impressed by looking down and seeing the deep shit we are in.
I do not blame the wrongdoers, they are just blind or fools. the mess we are in is the fault of the so-called positive forces, who keep on sitting on their asses, doing nothing and being swayed and indulged by meaningless issues, while the world is going down the drain. The drain of apathy, indulgence, self-importance, and indifference.
Political correctness is destroying the fabric of our society while the new age is poising our minds and hearts with a philosophy focused on the self.  Our obsession with personal health is starving poor people worldwide (more in my talk on food democracy) and our obsession with personal growth, is keeping us focused on adoring and magnifying our egos.
My elders once told me "all these people come and want to learn from us, they listen to what they want to listen and ignore everything that is uncomfortable for them." This is the crux of it. truth is not comfortable, it usually isn't. actually most of the time it totally goes against the grains of our present reality and belief systems, though its the only space where real transformation takes place.
They say, be positive, be happy. Sorry, my happiness can only be a relative happiness, while there is so much suffering in the world. 
Do you want me to yell with joy and happiness and dance on the roof, while Palestinian children are dying every day, in the longest conflict in modern history?  Zionism in the worst form of racism, but our political correctness and money masters allow this endless suffering to continue.
Do you want me to dance in joy, while the Tibetans are losing their land and identity because the world is ruled by money and not by justice?
Should I rejoice, while whole Rohingya villages are being destroyed, and the people burnt alive, and the world is silent since the victims are Muslims and according to the powers that be, are lesser human beings then the 'enlightened' Christian world, who really knows nothing of what Jesus really taught!
Should I party, while we live under an economic system that can only be described as global terrorism against the common man and woman.
Yes, I can feel a relative peace and a gratitude to the energy that gives me life and keeps my breath going, though if we are really all one, as so many of us claim to be then how can I sit in peace while I feel inside me the cries of despair worldwide.
We are such fools. We get excited and pulled by agenda’s that distract us from the ultimate truth.
Climate change, same-sex marriage, flat or round earth, and the list goes on, are in the context of the moment, unimportant issues. perhaps even totally meaningless, and I will elaborate on this in further articles.
Equal rights for all are important, though taking nature, as our teacher is as equally fundamental.
if we gave the same attention to the fact, that every day 50,000 children die of starvation and malnutrition, maybe we would have a different world, though these are just statistics for us, and this only changes when we TRULY  feel part of the one love, one organism, one life that cannot be separated into you and me.
We are at a critical juncture.  We are being brainwashed into a so-called progressive agenda, which is actually super regressive. We profess to take nature as our teacher, though work against her sacred laws.
We talk in term of relative truth, though whatever is relative is not a truth, and all that we are doing is giving ourselves escape routes to excuse our stupidity.
We champion the idea of choice, though the most profound truths in life are choiceless.
I will talk about all these concepts in the coming serious of articles and talks.
For the sake of all the suffering in the world this moment, I do affirm a smile in my heart. It is a silent smile, that stands in front the forces of oppression, telling them, we will fight. We will fight the good fight as Yeshua did.  And by us walking in truth, we leave an imprint on the songlines of the earth; an echo that one-day may guide generations to come
Happy birthday Jesus, love you brother.

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Monday, 25 September 2017


Yes, love is love and it needs no authorities stamp of approval to grow and flower.  And this is why I realised I have to write this article. I thought of it quite a bit, and I know it will offend some of my gay friends. But something doesn’t feel right here, and it's not about equal rights for my gay brothers and sisters, which I totally support, there is something in this whole theatre that I do not vibe with.
So sorry mates, this rave is attempting to touch something more sacred than the right to get married, under a law that anyway I do not align with. This is about freedom of speech. Actually something even more sacred then freedom of speech – freedom of thought, in a system that more and more directs us to think in the way they want us to think, even if the thoughts seem to be progressive and cool.
So, why will I not vote?
Well, first and foremost because I do not wish to empower a system of governess I do not trust or believe in.
There is something else though that really disturbs me. The lack of real dialogue, of meaningful discussion. It seems that there are only two points of view from the start. Or you are a god loving-gay hater, or you totally support anything the yes camp says. Nothing in-between, no questions, no doubts, no space to express oneself.
The whole political arena seems to be narrowed now to right wing fascist and centre/left pure hearts who cannot tolerate anything that does not align with what they see as their politically correct agenda.
I am sorry, I do not align with any of these camps, and I see a very divisive agenda that is distracting us from real issues such as our totally exploitive economic system, globalisation that is destroying cultures and earth and a silent acceptance by all sides that we must compromise and join with a system that we do not believe in or trust.
 The latest events in the US were an example of this agenda. Of course, I do not support the KKK and the fascist, though I could not support the violence of the Antifa movement as well. They felt the same, or coming from the same source of intolerance and a willingness to listen.
Something similar is happening with this debate as well, there seem to be aggressiveness from the ‘yes’ camp, that puts me off, and it materialised the other day with the spam text messages sent to all mobile phones around Australia.
Nobody wants to be told how to think, even if at times our thoughts may not be aligned with the highest truth, and if we look at Canada, and their experience with the aftermath of legalising gay marriage, we should be alarmed.
Now in Canada, any opinion that does not support gay marriage is considered homophobic and can land you in jail. Remember, it starts here and the next thing is that any opinion that does not support immunisation can land you in jail. And the list goes on and on.
What we need to understand is that the powers that be are not interested in gay rights. They are interested in more instruments of control. Beware and be aware of what is really happening and how we are being played as puppets on a string before you start throwing arrows at this writer.
Now to my personal opinion of marriage, be it between same sex or opposite sex.
The two institutes that control marriage in Australia; the church and the government are both not to be trusted as far as I am concerned. Therefore I do not wish to participate in this divisive circus they are creating.
In Australia where gays and straights have the same legal rights as de-facto couples, I do not see why anyone needs a stamp of approval from the government to cement their love.
And last but not least. If we change the definition of a parent from natural parent to legal parent, where are we actually heading? Do not be short-sighted. In no time parents that will oppose vaccination to their children may be stripped of their ‘legal’ parenthood. Which could be assigned to parents who comply with the government’s agenda and the list is endless.
We are entering uncharted waters with no real dialogue and this is not the way we want to create a world of true freedom and equality.
Another world is possible, it is not going to happen within the current system, we have to dream and create a new one.