Monday, 28 March 2011

Earth in Transformation


At present we are witnessing a process that has been envisioned by most indigenous cultures since long ago.
The earth is attempting to shake off her back, the most poisonous parasite to have ever inhabited her – we human beings. 
Any of us who have bothered to connect with earth cultures and listen to their myth and stories, have been aware for some time of the coming of the age of renewal, which is upon us now.

In fact much of what we attribute to myth and culture was based on precise scientific calculations, ones that we are still incapable of executing with all our advanced modern paraphernalia.      
The earthquake and tsunami in Japan are just more events, designed to rattle us into a space of being really present with life. 
We are way beyond a wake up call at this stage. We are in it, and whoever wants to live in denial of what is anymore, will just have to bear to consequence.
So what do we do now? Do we sit and wait and do nothing, because anyway it’s going to happen?!
Some years ago I joined Sunderlal Bahuguna, a noted Indian Environmentalist in a fast against the building of the Tehri dam.
I remember asking him why he was taking this action, when it was clear by than that the construction of the dam would proceed.
“This is not for me or the dam anymore. This is so future generations will see that someone did care. This is not for the result, this is for the sake of undertaking right action; action rooted in truth and understanding.” He said.

So... the earth changes will happen regardless of what we do anymore 
We have a choice though; we can sit and do what we do best – which is nothing, or we can cultivate our ability to respond from the depths of truth and connectivity and shine the light for the rebirth and renewal of life on earth.
Gone are the times where colourful weekend marches and some light pseudo spiritual fluff are going to affect any change.
It’s hand on deck time; be it our action in the world, be it our self-transformation into beings that abide in all spaces and in all dimensions.
As far as I see it, the key word is trust – trusting that we are supported and one with the Great Spirit – thus holding and sharing the power of the one love.
Another world is possible; in fact she is being birthed at this very moment.