Friday, 30 December 2011

2012... a leap into the unknown....

So…the time is at last upon us – the bells are ringing, announcing the arrival of the year 2012.
It’s a new year folks…is there anything more to it? Or is it just another new year like so many we had before.               
Well, to answer this question we do have to look back to the guidance and insight shared by our ancestors.
Many ancient cultures have indicated through their prophecies and precise mathematical calculations that this year will be a time of great change.
A time of death and rebirth, a time of great upheaval, an era of letting go of the old and embracing the new.
So… is the world going to end?  Of course not, and nothing anyway ever ends, it just transforms, takes new forms, sheds old skins and embraces a new energy field.
Yet hopefully we do chuck out some of our bad habits in the rubbish bin and send them down the incinerator.  Habits like our bullshit way of life. The way we relate to the planet and the way we relate to each other.

At the end of the day when a phoenix rises from the ashes, it’s up to her where she spreads her wings and flies to, and 2012 and beyond will be, what we as a  collective affirm it to be.             
I am not saying no other forces are at play here…there are and they are felt by the many already.

We will experience more than a mild jolt… we have to!!! We have been in a state of denial for to long now, so we will receive the assistance we need in order that we accept that it’s time to change. However, how the change will look like is up to us… it is our dream and vision that we must awaken for the birthing of a new dawn.

So, what is it that we want to be done with?
Well, our economic system of greed and exploitation must go, for it is responsible for so much misery.
 It is the cause that every living system on the planet is in a state of decline.
It is the cause that we see so much hunger and depravation in the world.
It is the cause that a few have so much while so many others have nothing.
It is the cause that hundreds of millions of children go to sleep every day crying with hunger.
It is the cause why we fight wars for oil.
It is the cause why we have stopped teaching the children how to live and we teach them how to consume. 

Commodities have become the main symbols of culture rather than art and creativity, love and laughter.
We must learn to love life again rather than be in love with THINGS.
We must replace the love for power with the power of love.
Something fundamental has to change in our relationship to the world around us! We are not here to conquer the planet and all life on it… we are here to share this precious earth with all our relations and to make sure that many generations from now, this place is a flowering garden rather than a waste land, torn apart by our greed and lack of imagination.  

Regardless if you believe in ancient prophecies or not, I am sure all of us feel something is going to give soon. The chain is about to snap and we are bound to pass through a period of chaos.
 Darkness is the womb that propels the new seed to send its energy into the light. Each rebirth rises from the dead. So whatever happens, we must understand and embrace it as a step towards the breaking of the new dawn, where we at last choose to embrace who we truly are – particles of god co-creating a beautiful future for all living beings anywhere, wherever they may be, and everything in this universe is alive.

Another world is possible – really, we have no other choice.

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