Friday, 7 January 2011

Creating new Myths – while discarding the old ones


So, at last we have greeted the New Year and have ventured into the 2011 story.
Australia is experiencing its worse floods ever, Europe is under a blanket of snow like never before, in south India they are sleeping under 3 blankets, where cold has never been experienced and in America tornado’s are appearing out of season.

Despite all this, many out there in the corridors of power claim that nothing is out of balance with the systems governing the cycles of Mama earth.
Forget the word Global warming - some of us are freezing.
How about global meltdown?

We have held such little respect for the health of our Mama for so long, that now she is just convulsing. Perhaps she is trying to rid herself of this parasite that has been leeching her life force for so long.
This parasite that calls HimSelf , human being though in reality has long lost touch with the essence of his being.

So we celebrated and danced and welcomed the New Year, while half the children in the world went to sleep hungry. Some of us even spared a thought for the less fortunate, though most of us did nothing and will continue to do the same.

On the news they keep on babbling how the floods, and snow, and other weather chaos would affect the health of the economy, the GDP and growth.

Fuck this insanity!!! What are they talking about? Can’t anyone talk about real things for a moment?
Like, how, we as a people are affecting the planet, and how we as a people can affect positive change - change that has nothing to do with words such as economy, terrorism, GDP, IMF, WTO and other dirty words, designed to distract us from the issues at hand and the moment that IS.

What if each one of us let go of, a few of the gadgets cluttering our lives and brains. Would we be less happy? Will our connection with the life around us; the people surrounding us somehow diminish, or perhaps be enhanced.

Where is our true meeting point with life? And why have we come to accept some mediocre consensus to what our lives are meant to be.

Our brains are shattered by an overload of meaningless information that is utterly irrelevant to our walk on planet earth.

We have been led to believe in the myth of terrorism, the myth of economy, the myth of separation, whilst at the same time we have forgotten the true myths; the ones aligned with the earth Mama and all our relations.

So how about we affirm to connect with the myths of magic, wonder and awe. Wouldn’t myths such as these serve our lives and the purpose we attach to them, in a more meaningful way?

Another world is possible. We have to dream a new parable to life on earth.  Its all what it takes. Change the dream, the reference point, the story we are sharing with each other and life will co – create with us the coming of a dawn full of smiles.

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