Saturday, 15 December 2012

Newtown school massacre – life out of balance!

20 school kids die when someone who couldn’t deal with their own pain, decides to go and inflicts pain on others.
Disgusting and my heart goes out to these little kids and their loved ones left behind to grieve.
 The news channels all over the world are a buzz and Obama cries on TV.
 This hypocrisy is disgusting too.
 What is it? Are the lives of American kids more precious then the lives of Afghani kids killed in your drone attacks Mr Obama?
 Are the lives of Palestrina kids of less value, when they are murdered by US made weapons, that no one in the white house sheds a tear?
 And what about the lives of half a million Iraqi kids – killed by sustained American bombings and sanctions during the gulf war. How is it, that the media displays more shock at the massacre of 20 American precious lives then half a million Iraqi precious live – innocent children, still to taste the glory of life.
 How racist is our media that one life does not seem to equal another life?
 I don’t like this, it’s just not right. We need to tremble with indignation at any mindless killing-taking place, and we need to address the root cause of these issues.
Forget about gun control in America since first; it’s never going to happen and second; it’s not going to help.
 When people lose all sight of deep and decent values. When they watch their leaders talk of nothing but money and power.
 When state sanctioned murder happens every day and glorified by the media – how are we ever going to stop these types of insane actions by individuals?
 It’s time for a total change and realignment of our value system
 It’s time to take out all the violence from our media, so we don’t teach children that killing is a way of life.
 It’s time that our leaders practice the ways of the peaceful warrior as a sign of strength.
 Its time that we make our militaries smaller and our education systems, a place where right-livelihood is taught.
 Actions like this massacre at a school in Connecticut should be a wake up call for us – that something is really rotten with the way we live.
 We teach the children by example, and the young man who committed these atrocities, had probably been saturated with violent images from the time he came to the world.

 Another world is possible, a world where we take responsibility – in other words – where we are able to respond in a creative way, in order to eradicate the root cause of suffering.
 A world where the hunger for power is replaced by the power of love.
 So please Mr Obama, stop the blame game and start looking how is it that your government and system of values are contributing to actions that are so out of balance with human dignity and love.


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  2. Since the time I wrote the post, a lot of new information has come to light, here are a couple of links