Thursday, 20 December 2012

December 2012 Solstice – and the day after

At last it is upon us. The grand alignment. The shift of the ages. The age of doom. The end of time. The conclusion of the Mayan colander.
Wow. Perhaps we should all take a deep breath out, since like any grand event, many of us are going to end up disappointed.
One of the reasons we seem to put so much emphasis on certain dates, where we hope some great change will occur – is our own yearning for change.
Many say it is the end of the world as we know it, perhaps they say so, because they wish it would be the end of the world as we know it.
Non of us are really happy with the way the world is moving along, with the way societies have turned into economies and with the structures of power that rule our lives.
At the same time we have lost hope that it is within our power to affect the change that we so desire to see, hence we hang onto dates and events that we hope will usher in the new age.
We all seem to be hankering for some form of messiah to come in and announce the rebirth of the earth.
By hanging on to hope in dates and events, we do what we do best – we continue to delay taking any action.
Well, a messiah is not going to come and the sun will rise on December 22nd 2012. 
Yes, for sure, great energetic movements are happening on earth and throughout the universe, though this does not absolve us from the need to act, if we do desire to see the change that we so much dream about.

Solstice, be it this one or any other one, is a good time to affirm change and renewal. And a solstice as this one, coupled with the sun aligning with the Milky Way, is definitely a powerful time to plant a new intent into the winds of change.
Let us anchor our intention, that we will be co-creating a new world of harmony and love.
Let us shed the illusion of fear and separation, as a snake sheds its old skin with the coming of summer, and let us embrace the reality of oneness and love, as our new guiding light in the future we are creating now.
Anther world is possible, right here, right now, and we will celebrate her coming together.

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