Saturday, 17 November 2012

Stop the massacre – Palestinian children deserve to smile too!!!

I don’t usually do this. I don’t usually write about specific conflicts or wars taking place. I rather deal with the cause to the disharmony in the world rather then the symptoms.
Although this time I feel compelled to do so. Perhaps because I had a TV screen in my vicinity in the last few days, and have been exposed to the lies and manipulation of the mainstream media.
So cleverly they imprint images in our mind and make us see the world through the lenses they would like us to look through.
So - to the war in Gaza. Well for a start, how can we call it a war? Even in warfare there must be some element of fair play. Imagine two knights in the Middle Ages preparing for battle. One is fully covered with armour and holds a well-crafted sword while the other is naked and armed with a couple of stones in their hand. Surly the well-armed warrior would refuse to fight, since there is no honour in defeating a man armed with a couple of stones.
What is taking place is not a war, it’s a massacre, a genocide; the big boy bullying the weak one into submission, since he didn’t follow his orders.          

And like the two Middle Age knights, Israel is armed with the most sophisticated arms in the world and home to one of the strongest armies on earth while the Palestinians fire a few home made rockets.

And this is where the media gets into the act. And yes, excuse me if by your perception I may be not ‘politically correct’.

The media, especially the one pretending to be balanced; paints a picture of rockets fired on both sides. On suffering on both sides. Well, of course there is suffering on both sides as well as loss of life, though look at the degree.
The Palestinians are firing rockets made in their backyard workshops. Perhaps all their rockets together do not equate to the amount of firepower carried by ONE Israeli warplane.
The Israelis assassinate the head of the Palestinian armed resistance, basically the head of their army. How would the Israelis react if the head of their army were assassinated?
Of course, in the mainstream media the Palestinians fighters are described as terrorist, murderers, while the Israelis as soldiers.
we must come to terms that this is all a matter of perception. For the Palestinian, their fighters are freedom fighters while the Israelis are terrorists.
When the Jews fought the British mandate in Palestine in the 1940’s, the British and western media described them as terrorist bands. Again, it al depends on who is looking and with what lens.

I hope that we are all aware that the Hamas government in the Gaza strip was democratically elected. Now it does not matter if I agree or disagree with Hamas politics - they are the legitimate representatives of their people.
Let us not forget that most of the people in Gaza are decedents of refugees fleeing their homeland in Israel in 1948. They lost their homes in 1948 and their homes are turning into rubble again. How many of us are aware that Gaza is a mere 365 square kilometers and is home to around 2 million people, mostly refugees. It is the most densely populated place on earth and probably one of the most depressing places to live in, a place where hope is a forgotten word.

So how come Israel can get away with this? Why is the media mostly painting a picture of a battle of good against evil, of a legitimate army against terrorist, of a peace loving people against warmongers.     
Do you really believe for a moment that Palestinian mothers love their children more then Israelite ones?

So what makes this tick and why is the world allowing this to happen. Could it be the fact that the Jewish lobby in some countries is very strong and politicians are afraid to rock the boat? It’s up to you to come to whatever conclusion you want. What is clear is; that a massacre is talking place and it is openly, overtly and silently supported by most of the so-called developed world.
Tonight I would like to offer a prayer for the children who are lying in bed shivering in fear, crying while the bombs are falling. Whatever side of the fence these children are, by condoning this violence, we are initiating them into a world of fear, and sowing in their hearts the seeds of hated and mistrust.
Let us create another world for these children, a different world for the children worldwide, so they always go to sleep with a smile on their face. So they dream of elves and fairies, not of bombs and blood.
Another world is possible, she is on her way, though we have to stand up for her, we have to stand up for peace and their will never be peace without justice.

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  1. Thank you so very much for having the courage to post a blog such as this. I am an american, living (according to government standards) below poverty level. I understand that the media does in fact distort news in order to sway public opinion on most every level, be it foriegn or domestic.To be brutaly honest, if not for this distortion there would be fewer families such as mine, that are forced to go withought certain basics that in many places worldwide are considered luxuries. I applaude your stance on this subject, I am grateful to know there are others that can see through the smoke and mirrors, Bless you and your efforts.