Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Time to reaffirm- change is possible


Prior to the advent of the one god – male - doctrine we celebrated our holy days around the natural cycles of the earth and the stars, the moon and the sun.
Our main days were the solstice and the equinox.

We celebrated change.

We honoured the fact that life is a cycle; that the moon waxed and waned and so did the cycles of life.
We observed the coming and the going. The planting and the harvest; the birth and the rebirth.


The world is a bigger mess then ever before. The economic system is in the process of disintegrating, people are starving worldwide while there is food surplus everywhere. Actually the world spends every 8 days on arms the same amount of money it would take to eradicate hunger and feed all the people.

So what do we do when we are in such deep shit.

Fuck them, all those who want to control us and bring us down.  Let us celebrate together, wherever we are.
Let us affirm together, that change is possible.

Now with the passing of the seasons and the rising of the moon we reclaim our power.
Now we affirm that we walk away from fear - into the arms of trust.
Away from doubt – into the welcoming hands of surety.
Away from if and but - affirming yes and now.
Away from Monocultures - affirming diversity.
Away from a he made universe - into an all-encompassing circle.
Away from dis-ease…. Into being at-ease.
Away from HisStory - affirming that we all co-create reality together, moment-to-moment, as god, with god supporting god.
Away from the myth of separation – embracing the power of unity.    

Another world is possible – she is knocking at our door, awaiting us to co – create with her…


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