Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Today is September 11, so let’s talk terrorism. Let’s really talk terrorism.
September 11 as we know it was the biggest con job in modern History. And if you still think that 2 planes can bring down 3 super modern, steel enforced buildings, then I am not sure what to say to you. Recently a high-rise building in London burnt for 2 days, and what happened, of course, nothing.
And it you still think an armature pilot can fly a commercial jet at maximum speed and crash into the Pentagon at ground level, a feat many pilots have gone on record to testify as impossible, then you are hiding from the truth or simply the owner of a hijacked brain.
So let's talk terrorism. Something happened on September 11 16 years ago that changed the world we live in. yes, it was an act of terror, but by whom?
This we don’t know yet, what we do know is that the world as we know it has changed forever. We are all being terrorised by the great empire. Our liberties and human right suppressed. We are all under surveillance. We are all suspects, for the real terrorist is afraid that someone may blow the whistle on him.
And now to some sad fact. The modern era buzzword – Terrorism, is a phenomenon happening everywhere and on all sides of the argument, it has penetrated deep into every facet of our lives.
Every day the west bombs and kills scores of people around the world. At this moment the US and its allies are dropping bombs in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and many other countries while threatening Venezuela with invasion, Iran with repercussions and North Korea with annihilation. You may ask why should North Korea be annihilated?   Well, they had the audacity to defy the great sheriff of the world and are developing what the US has so many off – nuclear bombs. How do you call all this – I call it hypocrisy and state and superpower terrorism.
And now to another page of the terror narrative. Almost every day there is a car bomb in Iraq or Afghanistan as a result of western intervention that destroyed their systems and countries...and why are we not shocked? Where are the candles and the tears and the outrage? Are they not human and deserve the same respect and grieving as the victims of Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, and Manchester? And this is not the whole story. They are subject to terrorism from internal strife mostly as a result of western invasions and they are subject to the might of western super weapons.
Or is the west killing women and children with remote control drones, justified, because we are so civilised that we want to force the entire world to be like us?
But really, are we really so dumb, that we buy into the narrative and hysteria, when desperate and misguided souls commit these horrible acts of indiscriminate murder on Europe soil, but at the same time with our silence we give our consent to state-sponsored terrorism that kills at times in one day, what the lone desperados will not manage in years.
And here we come to another fact of interest. In the 20th century most terrorism in Europe was homegrown;  Baader-Meinhof in Germany, the IRA in the UK, the Red Brigades in Italy, the Basque liberation movement in Spain etc.  
So as we see, terrorism is not an Islamic invention as many people claim, however, for as long as oppressive political systems exist, some people will rise against them.
Basically, a soldier in a uniform is a legal terrorist while, when there is no state mechanism backing you, you are branded an illegal terrorist.
When the Jews fought the British in Palestine, the Stern gang was a famous terrorist group, once the state of Israel was created over Palestinian blood; the gang was absorbed into the IDF. So as you see, it is a matter of perception. For one it is a freedom fighter and for the other, a terrorist; depends on which side of the argument you are.
Regardless of an argument or a cause, you are always a terrorist if you attack unarmed innocent people, who have nothing to do with what you are a grieving about. You are a terrorist if you ram them in a car on the street, or drop one-tonne bombs on their homes.

Islamic terrorism did not exist until we did not start invading their countries in the 80’s and 90’s and then with the false flag operation of 9/11, terrorism became a way of life for all side.
And let us not forget for a moment, that the main victims of terrorism, the terrorism that we- the west have created  - are Muslims themselves. Only 1 percent of all victims of terror attacks are European – get it!
Though as the car bombs explode in Bagdad, and Islamabad and Kabul we are silent. No one is in tears, no world condemnation, and no outrage and outcry.
Just an eerie silence, as though these people deserve to die.
Wake up people, this terrorist hysteria is to divide us further, erode our freedoms and rights and continue to support the biggest industry that holds the US economy together – the military-industrial complex.
And now we get to the real crux of it. We are being terrorised day and night, by a system that wants us to believe that we need their protection. They create and implement an agenda that propels us to live in fear so their narrative can survive and gain legitimacy.
Isn’t the economic system of total inequality a terrorist act, when one percent owns as much as the other 80-percent? When one has more food than he can eat in a thousand million years and the other goes hungry? Isn’t this a vile form of terrorism, or please tell me what else do you want to call it?
Aren’t the big banks all terrorists of the worst kind?
Is the surveillance state we live under not a form of terrorism? Is spraying our earth with countless poisons not a form of terrorism against the people and the plant?
Is allowing children to starve to death when the world grows 3 times the food that it needs not a form of terrorism?
Is blackmailing third world countries with endless debt created by their former colonial rulers not a form of terrorism?
The list goes on and on.
But we are fools. We follow the headlines, that are designed to divert our attention and divide us, and we end believing that there is an enemy trying to invade us, while the real enemy is the one we voted for in the last elections and the elections before that.
Another world will be possible, once we wake up from this bad dream full of gadgets and distractions, and start paying attention to what really matters – love, freedom, caring and sharing.

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