Monday, 21 November 2016


Now that the circus of the American elections is over and already the clown voted in is reneging on many of his promises, its time to focus again on important issues.
And the issue is ‘Standing Rock’, though not merely the place in the USA, but the numerous Standing Rocks in our own backyards.
I ‘Running Eagle Feather’ am feeling a lot of fire and pain in my heart and solar plexus, when I see how my sisters and brothers are treated at Standing Rock.
I was fortunate many moons ago to be blessed by a Lakota Sioux elder and become a brother to their tribe.  It was then that my Indian name ‘Running Eagle Feather’ came to be, as in my younger days I used to run and call out to the bird tribes whenever they past by, asking them to drop me a feather from the sky.
How can America ever call itself the land of the free? That notion died a long time ago; in fact that notion never existed.
America, the land stolen from many Indian tribes is now being raped and stolen again. The land’s caretakers are not even safe in the few crumbs fed to them by an ever greedy and dominating white nation.
The few pieces of land awarded to them by the conquer are not even theirs to live in peace
And the crime committed by these loving people is their will to defend the sanctity of earth and water. Their wisdom in knowing that human dose not live on money and gold, but on fertile earth, crystal clean water and pure air.          
The people of standing rock, I know that you know the sad truth. Many say that they are with you, but only few have gone beyond words and illusion and the quest for self rather than community.

For if all the people that say they stand with you, really stood in their daily deeds and actions as true protectors of life, the situation at Standing Rock would have not come to be.
We have been cowed into submission. We have stopped believing in our power and the power of magic. We have surrendered to a life of going for what is possible, rather than striving for the miraculous unimaginable.
I call on all of us to stop being part of the agenda. Stop being fooled by their theatre, by their misinformation that seeks to divide us, so we are easily controlled.
I ‘Running Eagle Feather’ affirm again and again that my life is in service to ‘Mama Gaia’. That my work is the work of an earth protector and lover. Let us all affirm this together and stand up for our Standing Rocks wherever they may be.
Standing rock, I stand with you fully. Not as a LIKE on facebook, but with my deeds and words and actions.
In the lands that I live in, there are so many Standing Rocks that need immediate attention. In Australia there is Pine gap and Adani coal mine and many more. In Slovakia, after we kicked them out of the west, Monsanto is establishing itself around Detva with the weird silence of the organic community there. And so many other issues that need attention with stealing Slovak water and resources. In India the land is falling apart with a Prime Minister that sees trees as a waste of space.
The list of Standing Rocks is endless. This is the main theme in my Novel ‘I Crow River’, a book dedicated to saving the earth. We talk, we sing, we pray, but we do not act, and the highest most profound prayer is action.
I remember years ago, being part of the NEFA movement in Australia. There were perhaps 50 dedicated activists and we saved million of hectares of forest, imagine if we were 500 dedicated activist! Imagine if we were 5000 dedicated activists!
In Slovakia a few years ago, we worked as Siet Dobra (network of goodness) to kick Monsanto from their newly established research centre. It took 10 activists and a few months and it was done. Imagine if we were 100, or a thousand or 10,000!!! Slovakia would be GMO free and own its soil and water again.
Yes, its time to imagine wild and think big again.
So it is nice to see so many brothers and sisters standing with ‘Standing Rock’ in the cyber unreality, but please, look around, Standing Rock is everywhere, close to your backyard, so stand up and be counted. Think Globally and Act Locally!!! For without action we are just a basket of blab la, and the powers that be would walk all over us, as they cheer their investors all the way to the bank.
Remember what we all thought was possible when we were young – us the tribe of peace and love, the tribe of colour and music, us the tribe of fantasy and song. And what happened, did we allow life to grind it away.
It is possible, it is more than possible, it is the only choice and Standing Rock is the call of the wild demanding our full attention again.
It is asking us to reconnect with our true dreams, and farfetched visions. Our true belief that we were born to be torch bearers, caretakers, leaders into a space where harmony and love, truth and simplicity, community and sharing, replace the insanity permeating as normalcy in the world today.
Another world is possible, stand up and be counted!

Friday, 11 November 2016


I did give you notice in my last articles that something is changing. That expectation and reality may not always collide.
I know that this article may disappoint many of my readers. If it does than try to check what is really rocking your world here.
My late father who was also a journalist used to say that part of the job of a journalist is to make people uncomfortable and do a reality check.
So yes, I voted for trump. Well not actually in the ballot box, but with my energy I was for Trump for sure.
Ever since the Democratic Party stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders I felt we were left with no choice. To vote for Clinton would have been suicide and betrayal for what we all stand for – change.
I do not judge anyone by their gender, but by their attributes and to make Hilary president just for the sake of addressing gender inequality would have been ludicrous. She is a criminal and would have been in jail a long time ago, if she was not part of the ruling elite.
I never thought I would go for a Republican. Anyone that knows me knows that I am, or more so was far, very far to the left.
But left and right have changed, and what we have now is establishment or the hope of something new.
I am deeply disappointed by all the slightly left of centres ‘pure hearts’ who cannot accept that their candidate has lost and are burning the streets in the USA. Imagine if it were the opposite, the corporate media would have been up in arms. Now they are portrayed as heroes.
In fact, we do not have media anymore, but an idiot box full of lobbyist for this or for that. All main stream media is a theatre relaying the message their masters want you to believe in
Frank Zappa said, “Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex”.  Our system is rotten and nothing apart from total system change will do, though for the moment, until we gather our energy and power for the last leap forward, some change is better than nothing.
So back to Mr Trump. I cannot believe how many friends are in shock and would have preferred to have the wicked witch Hilary rule the world. How brainwashed can one be?
If Trump manages to resist the Neo Cons and the shadow government than we are all winners and of course it is a big if.
The one thing that Trump offers us is a possibility for change. Perhaps he will have the courage and really clean the swamp. Perhaps he will let Assange and snowden and manning go free. Maybe he will open the 9/11 investigations as he promised. Perhaps he will get out of all the trade deals and allow local economies and small enterprise to flourish again.
He may not. We were all full of hope when Obama came in and he proved to be a total agent of the global elite. I remember the night Obama was voted in the first time. A beautiful woman who I never met stopped me on the street and hugged and kissed me saying “now we have hope”. Obama has betrayed the people. Everyone is sick of the lie we are ruled by and we are all craving change, big, huge meaningful change in the way the world is run.
What Trump will be, none of us know? For sure he is not a saint and I hugged no one the night he was voted in. in fact I was sombre and sad, realising how low we have gone as a race, if this man is the current voice of change and hope. But, until he proves otherwise, I give him the benefit of the doubt.  
I am sure we will have many environmental and social battles against him. But and this is a big but; the election of Trump tells us that the fall of the new world order is in progress. Brexit started the fall and this is in motion now and none of us can stop it.
The global elite is trying to paint this as isolationist and xenophobic movement, but in truth it’s people going back to their roots. People taking care of their business, their own affairs and not being ruled by some far away big brother. The saying ‘think globally, act locally’ apply here beautifully. Yes, we care for all sentient beings wherever they are, and at the same time, our problems, our ways, our tradition and culture is unique to where we live, thus requiring different solutions to the challenges of life. Perhaps even different economical systems and even different systems of governess.
Words such as this are very alarming to the forces that want to take over, and enslave us; pollute our air with Chemtrails, our food with GMO’s, our water with fluoride and our bodies with vaccinations.
I know Trump represents to many something they cannot palate, and I admit he is not very likeable. We could have had Sanders, they didn’t let us, and so we had to go to another extreme.
If he does half of what he said he would do, like normalising ties with Russia, ending the threat of global war, scrap all trade deals, make America’s economy local again, than it is a win to everyone. Because by making America’s economy local, other countries will take the same measures and the world will stop being  ‘made in China’ controlled by ‘Goldman Sachs’ planet.
So stop winging that a nasty billionaire got into the most important job in the world. This is part of change and change may not look exactly as we expected it to be, at some steps of the journey.
What I know for sure is that change is taking place, and we must be part of it. We must stand up and be counted. We must create the vision of tomorrow, today, each and every one of us in the way we know. Plant trees, nurture gardens, buy local, befriend our neighbours and at the same time be part of the resistance.
More on this new beautiful world in my book “I Crow river’ which recently was awarded a forward by the Dalai Lama.
Another world is possible; see you on the other side.