Sunday, 5 December 2010

Another failed revolution- modern slavery and the new world order

Another  failed revolution 2010

A couple of weeks ago, while on a visit to Bangkok, I walked by what was a charred shopping center a few months ago. Work was in full progress, and parts of it were already open to business.
The protestors burned central world shopping mall in May, in frustration of the army’s crackdown and their own leaders backing down in the face of the rolling tanks.
I do not want to get into the intricacies of the Red vs. Yellow struggle in Thailand, a conflict that mirrors so many other struggles around the world.
 What I do want to get into, is explore and expose the true masters of the world these days, and how we are all led like dumb ship along the road to nowhere.
The tussle in Thailand is very simple. It’s a fight between the rich and the poor. The have and the have not’s. The so called educated, and the simple folk tilling the land.
The red shirts have won the last two elections, and both time power has been taken away from them by a military coup or a biased judiciary.
Central world is one of Asia’s biggest shopping malls. It symbolizes all that is wrong in this world and the economic system we are enslaved to.
People from all over the world come to central world for a shopping experience.
The place is dotted with glitzy shop fronts of multinational brands. These name and logos are familiar to all of us. They stare at us from every corner are eyes stray too. Be it on the highway billboards, TV adds, Facebook adds, or just plainly, everything we hold or wear if we can afford them.
These brands are owned by developed nations and are manufactured in in the developing world.
On average a worker will have to work 3-4 months to afford a pair of shoes he assembles in 15-20 minutes.
This is the face of the new brave world order. The face of the faceless corporations ruling  our lives.
Tiger Woods earns more than the entire workforce in Indonesia for the brand he is an ambassador too. He probably does two to three photo shoots a year, while the thousands of workers toil in the sweat shops 12 hours a day 7 days a week, and still find it hard to feed there families.
Common guys. We cannot all be such fools. Lets take the gloss of these ads. What we are seeing here is modern slavery.
The slaves are getting paid just enough to survive, and are trapped in a vicious cycle they cannot even rebel against. Of course; when they do, they are quickly suppressed by overwhelming force. A forced designed to create investment friendly environments, rather than fight an enemy that does not really exist.
So as I watched the workers toil, to rebuild central world to its former glory, I could easily recognize, that the people rebuilding it were the same people who took to the streets some months earlier, and in the process, burnt this place down. Now they will build it again, since their revolution; for now – has failed.
Of course they will never be able to enter this shopping center, since the right of admission is reserved.
The world’s media quickly hashed the massacre that took place in May 2010 revolution. After all Thailand is part of the nexus of evil…. Ooopppps, sorry the nexus of business and the corporate world could not afford to lose such a willing partner.
What happened a few months ago in Thailand is happening all over the world. The people who dare to rise up for their basic rights are branded terrorist and forces opposed to development. They are portrayed as outdated revolutionaries; Maoist, communist or anything that could depict them as an enemy rather than a friend.
Of course they are anti development. They are anti a system that its development  benefits the few rather than the many. As system that we will explore more in depth in future sharing.
For the earth and all that is alive

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